Day Drap Placemat

The new concept of Day drap tablecloths, both on table runners and individual placemats, offers a unique finished product on the market that combines recycled cotton, waterproof layers for easy cleaning and a non-slip base that allows the tablecloth to be fixed to any surface.

At MonoUso, we have different designs and formats, which can be used as many times as you wish and above all without going through the laundry thanks to its stain-proof treatment.

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How stain resistant are the placemats?

The main feature of the stain resistant placemats is the finish that perfectly combines non-manufactured recycled cotton with waterproof and non-slip resin layers that also facilitate more efficient cleaning and hygiene conditions and help to keep the crockery above the tablecloth in a more static way.

Moreover, thanks to their ease of washing, these stain-resistant placemats allow you to re-use them easily and without having to use large quantities of water, as their anti-stain treatment repels any spills and prevents them from remaining on the placemat. As if that weren't enough, they have an ironing system that is as simple and effective as its washing system.

Advantages of using resin placemats in your establishment:

The use of this type of coloured resin placemats can have several advantages for your company, because under the same product there are certain characteristics:

Cheap resin placemats

Resin placemats are cheap, thanks to the fact that they can be reused, we are faced with a type of plasticized set that is economically more profitable. Their washing system is so simple that it is not necessary to use water and the risk of stains on the placemat is lower.

Non-slip placemats

Our resin placemats have the advantage of being non-slip. These anti-slip placemats are of more than acceptable quality and their anti-slip system, in addition to helping the above cutlery not to slip, makes it stable and immovable on the table.

Resin placemats for bars and restaurants:

They have enough versatility to be in any restaurant, because with this material you can make any design that the customer wants. Thus, they are suitable for various establishments such as catering services, buffets, hotels or high-class restaurants. Moreover, thanks to the use of resin sets, any establishment can count on them as a differentiating and customizable element.

Its design also allows it to be perfectly combined with the rest of the table decoration, so in addition to being a type of original placemat. Find the design that best suits the style and design of your dining room or tables.

Decorated placemats

Decorated placemats are placemats in colours or with attractive modern designs that will create a special style in your restaurant. In addition to helping with the decoration of the lounge and table, give the establishment a more sophisticated and modern image.

Resin placemats Day drap:

They are individual placemats, their size is designed to cover the individual area of a meal, use one set for each person sitting on your table. They are easy to use, apply, handle, wash and iron.
They can be 100% recyclable and once used, they return to their initial cycle so that they can be reused as resin tablecloths in the future.

Tips for using DAY DRAP resin placemats

The use of a resin placemat can be more or less effective depending on the care that is given.

In order to give it a totally effective use, the following advice should be taken into account:

* Only the stain-resistant layer, i.e. the back of the placemat, is ironed on.
Never use the anti-slip part, as this would probably make the placemat unusable.
* The placemat must also be ironed periodically so that it does not lose its properties and can be reused.
* For maximum cleaning, apply disinfectant and then rinse with a damp cloth.

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