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Natural Bamboo Golf Skewer 25cm (5.000 Units)

Ref 55031-100-50
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Bamboo Golf Skewer 25cm (5.000 Units)
  • Bamboo Golf Skewer 25cm (5.000 Units)
  • Bamboo Golf Skewer 25cm (5.000 Units)
  • Bamboo Golf Skewer 25cm (5.000 Units)
  • Bamboo Golf Skewer 25cm (5.000 Units)
  • Bamboo Golf Skewer 25cm (5.000 Units)
  • Bamboo Golf Skewer 25cm (5.000 Units)
5.000 Units €208.50 -20% €166.86 0,033€/Ud
€208.50 -20%
166,86 (tax incl.) 0,033€/Ud
Price per box of 5.000 units

Ref 55031-100-50

  • Wood
  • Elongated
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Si
  • 5.000

Resistant Bamboo "Golf" skewers to cover all the needs of celebrations or events. With its 25 cm length, it offers strength, flexibility and a simple and elegant design.

  • Made from bamboo. Biodegradable and recyclable.
  • Allows you to consume your food hygienically and without leaving any taste in teh food.
  • Perfect for the presentation of pintxos, brochettes, selected tapas or hamburger decoration.
  • Ideal for events, catering, take away service or hotel and catering establishments.
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Bamboo skewers: present your dishes with originality

Bamboo skewers: present your dishes with originality

Are you the master behind the irresistible flavours that conquer palates? Do you run a tavern where good food is at the heart of the business? Or perhaps you are the creative brain behind a catering service that is always looking to surprise? Either way, we've got something you'll love! Our bamboo skewers are much more than just utensils; they are the key to elevating your delicious creations to a level of sophistication that will wow your customers.

Why bamboo? Because it is naturally elegant and sustainable. Bamboo skewers bring that touch of nature that suits any culinary presentation.

Why choose these skewers to impress with your cooking?

  • Versatility and originality: from succulent meats to crispy vegetables and even for decorating drinks, these skewers are your direct pass to high-class presentation.
  • Unrivalled strength: bamboo wood is an exceptional material, able to withstand heat and moisture, meaning your skewers will maintain their integrity even in the most demanding preparations.
  • Environmental commitment: sustainability is key in this day and age, and with our bamboo skewers, you will not only delight your customers with your cooking, but also show them that you care about the environment.

Data sheet

Colour Green
Total Dimensions 25 cm
Design Golf
Material Wood
Product type Pincho
Uses Appetizer
Certificates Food Contact
Shape Elongated
Biodegradable Yes
Food Contact Yes
Disposable SI
Family Monouso
Intrastat 14011000
Length 25 cm
Recyclable Si
Type Cubertería
Packs per Box 50
Price for 5.000
Units per Pack 100 ct
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