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Every catering business seeks to guarantee food safety and improve organisation and efficiency in daily work. At Monouso we are aware of this, and we have created a selection of the best labelling products, with a wide variety of options to suit your needs. Here are some of their main applications:

  • Ensure food safety: our adhesive food control labels and food markers allow you to clearly and accurately identify ingredients, allergens or dates, among other crucial aspects for food safety.
  • Improve organisation: with our order pads you can maintain greater control and order in your daily work, avoiding confusion and errors in the preparation of orders.
  • Facilitate signage: our adhesive signage tapes are ideal for marking the floor and delimiting areas, highlighting the importance of signage in preventing accidents and ensuring the safety of both employees and customers.
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Order Pads

Signal tape

Food Labels

Food markers

Active filters

Display and labelling for businesses

Have you ever come across a dish that you didn't know what it was or didn't indicate if it contained an allergen? With our labelling products, you will never have to worry about these situations again. And if you are looking for maximum safety in your business, thanks to our labelling products you will be able to indicate it clearly and visually. In our catalogue you will find a wide variety of options to meet your needs, among which we include:

Order pads

Imagine you run a bar and need to take orders from customers quickly and accurately. With our order pads, you'll have everything under control and be able to serve your customers efficiently. They are perfect for all types of catering businesses such as restaurants, bars or cafes.

Adhesive labels for food control

If you're concerned about food safety in your business, these food control stickers are ideal for monitoring and reporting microbial hazards and allergies. They also provide a sense of safety and quality in a variety of sectors such as hospitality.

Adhesive marking tape

It's often not enough to simply put up a sign to indicate areas of your establishment that you don't want people to have access to. The situation becomes even more complicated if you have a large business or run a busy event. For this, our adhesive signage tapes can be the key to maintaining security and effectively marking off areas, as they are very eye-catching.

Food markers

Every catering, food service and hospitality business needs to keep products organised, labelled and beautifully presented. With our food markers you can avoid mistakes and ensure proper delivery of your food.

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