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At Monouso we love the gastronomic results achieved with skewers and pipettes, and that's why we strive to improve them even further. We have created an exquisite selection of skewer stands, an essential element in the presentation of any type of skewer. Improve the aesthetics of your skewers with this type of stand, one of the most sustainable on the market!

Our skewer stands are characterised by:

  • Sustainable material: made of bamboo, a biodegradable and sustainable material.
  • Large capacity: suitable for up to 120 skewers, ideal for large events and celebrations.
  • Flexibility: available in different shapes and sizes to adapt to any presentation of kebabs or skewers.
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Benefits of using skewer stands

Using a skewer holder is always a good option, as they greatly improve the presentation of your skewers and brochettes. As they can stand upright on a solid base, they prevent food from falling or slipping during transport or presentation.

They are made of safe, high-quality materials such as bamboo, and that makes our skewer stands a safe and sturdy choice for your food, especially when it comes to hot or heavy skewers. It is also one of the most eco-friendly materials on the market, it is biodegradable and much more environmentally friendly than plastic holders.

But, what is clear, is that one of the priorities of every good catering professional is the food safety of their preparations and comfort when working with different supports. By using skewer holders, you improve the safety and hygiene of your preparations by keeping them individually separated.

All this without overloading your staff. Thanks to their design, they are easy to clean and maintain, which makes them ideal for restaurants and caterers who need durable and easy-to-use products.

Bamboo skewer holders are a very versatile product. They are suitable for a wide variety of skewers and brochettes, from the smallest to the largest. And if that wasn't enough, some of our products can hold up to 120 skewers, making them a very practical option for large events.

Applications for bamboo stands

Bamboo skewer holders are perfect for all kinds of events. Here are some of the uses our customers make of our stands:

  • They are ideal for catering and outdoor events such as weddings, birthdays and informal gatherings.
  • Perfect for serving skewers in restaurants, bars and cafes.
  • Excellent for presenting meat, fish or vegetable brochettes at barbecues, grills and parties.
  • Very useful for serving fruit skewers or desserts at buffets and dessert caterings.
  • Their elegant and modern design makes them an excellent choice for formal events and presentations, such as gala dinners or business meetings.
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