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Pastry bag are tools for decorating food in the field of confectionery. Specifically, they are used to prepare foods such as cakes, pies, biscuits or cupcakes. We are talking about a conical bag containing a filling that is introduced through its widest part and distributed through the narrowest side, normally through a nozzle.

They are undoubtedly the most iconic tools in any bakery. When a customer thinks about how the sweet they are looking at on the counter has been made, they are thinking about this utensil. So why not go for an instrument capable of enhancing this value for the public?

  • Improve your confectionery presentations
  • Resistant
  • The best ally for the decoration of your pastries
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What are piping bags? As we have just seen, piping bags are basic elements both in the decoration and in the composition of many pastry delicacies.

Characteristics of the pastry bag

Although it is a very specific tool that we usually associate with a decorative component, the first thing you have to make sure of is that it doesn't leave you stranded at the very first moment. We have already made sure, and now that we have done so, it is time to introduce you to the material you need.

Materials for pastry bag

Plastic is the perfect solution to the two main problems associated with the use of many piping bags in baking: wear and tear due to the poor quality of the materials used and dripping.

If you have worked with other types of piping bags, you have probably experienced firsthand how uncomfortable this dripping is when you are decorating any sweet. If you haven't yet experienced this common and annoying phenomenon, with our plastic piping bags you can put it to rest for good.

We are talking about disposable plastic piping bags, which means that any problems related to wear and tear disappear. Can you imagine working without the pressure of having to extend the number of uses of your piping bag in order to make it profitable?

Uses of pastry bag

There are pastry piping bags designed to work with small quantities, others are only designed for large pastry professionals, not to mention those designed for very specific fillings?

Our plastic piping bags for pastry do not understand limitations. In fact, they stand out for their adaptability to the different challenges that this instrument can face: icings, creams, even doughs! Are you sure you want to set limits to your innovation?

There is no point in having a creative mindset if the tool limits your possibilities when it comes to execution. That's why we offer you pastry bags that are characterised by their ease of use. Why is that? The softness of the interior of the piping bag. If we add this convenience to the versatility we mentioned earlier, the result is clear: you can take on any challenge that comes your way.

The ideal plastic piping bag to show people what you can do

If we had to sum up the usability of this tool in one word, it would be creativity. But how do we show our piping bags to the consumer?

  • Our sleeves have a differential added value: they are transparent. Why not make the most of this visual advantage by making our work public? Consumers eat with their eyes, and if we are talking about creative confectionery, even more so. You can use our piping bags in full view of your public so that they can see, without filters, the contents of the pastry they are eating. What if you don't have the option of doing this live? Your customers will be able to see how you work with the filling they love so much through social media.
  • Another option to put all the creativity of this tool at the service of the customer could be to leave it with them. Why not make it available to the buyer so that they can put the final creative touches to the cake they have just bought? As it is a disposable piping bag, its cost makes it easy to do this.

In addition to its durability, it is also easy to clean. In addition to the fact that we are talking about the hygienic material par excellence, the fact that they are single-use piping bags confirms the maximum mark in this healthy section which is so important nowadays.

Buy pastry bag at Monouso

Only referring to the specific biscuit sector, the growth of this market at Spanish level was 2% last year. But there's no need to talk about data, just by opening your social networks you can see that the creative patisserie curve is still on the rise. Have you ever seen on Instagram any of these products that you can make with our piping bags?

  • Piping bags for cake decorating
  • Piping bags for filling sweets
  • Piping bags for croquettes
  • Piping bag for filling macarons
  • Piping bags for making churros
  • Piping bags for sponge cakes

And much more!

At your disposal for the purchase of pastry bag

Creative confectionery is more fashionable than ever, and one of the reasons for this boom is its incorporation into the take-away culture. This trend, which is now commonplace, didn't even exist not so long ago. What will be the next step in this culinary sector?

Probably nobody knows for sure, but don't you think it's a great way to get a head start with a pastry bag that allows you to play with practically any type of filling at any temperature?

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