Food Picks and Skewers

Determined to present you with a wide variety of culinary utensils, we have created this category so that you can find an endless number of accessories to make your presentations more original and your dishes the most attractive and appetising of all.

Our brochettes, skewers and tongs are specially designed to present food with an elaborate shape or structure so that it does not fall apart before reaching the table and your customers can enjoy it comfortably. Skewers are perfect for grilling or broiling food, while food picks are ideal for presenting appetizers and tapas. Not forgetting the indispensable wooden tongs, an essential tool for serving and handling food, or presenting it in an original way.

These products are designed to suit every need and occasion, both at home and at professional catering events and, despite appearing simple, they will enhance any dish you choose to present with them.

  • Very hygienic
  • Easy to store
  • Ideal for attractive presentations
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Skewers, food picks and presentation wooden tongs

In this section you will find a wide variety of utensils for your culinary needs and the presentation of dishes in a unique way.

From skewers to grill meats and vegetables, to food picks to present your most creative appetizers and tongs to serve your dishes with elegance and comfort. Discover everything you can do with our products and let yourself be carried away by their versatility and practicality.

At Monouso, you can find brochettes, skewers and tongs in different sizes and shapes, ideal for giving a different touch to the presentation of your dishes.

For sweet and savoury foods, skewer sticks

Our food picks are the ideal complement to your culinary preparations, whether sweet or savoury.

From skewers for grilling meats and vegetables to skewers for desserts, our options are endless. An original and versatile presentation for your dishes, we are sure you will find the right skewer for your needs.

One of its advantages is its ease of use. Because the skewers hold the food together, they are perfect for use when cooking products, as they will prevent them from slipping on the griddle or falling off the grill, making cooking easier.

Skewers for appetizers

Wooden or bamboo skewers are a very useful tool in the kitchen for creating fun and creative dishes. Their small size makes them perfect for presenting small portions of food such as mini hamburgers, fruit skewers, tapas, starters, appetizers and small preparations that can be eaten in one bite.

In our shop, you will find a wide variety of skewers or food sticks so that you can explore all the possibilities they offer in the kitchen.

Tasting wooden tongs

Tasting wooden tongs are an indispensable tool in the kitchen and at events to enjoy all kinds of food in a comfortable and elegant way. With them, you can serve and taste different dishes without having to use your fingers or cutlery, which enhances your presentation and avoids getting dirty. They are also very practical for serving small foods such as fruit, vegetables, dried fruit and nuts or cheese, as they have more precision than other utensils. In addition, they also can be used to present appetizers in an original way.

Buy brochettes, skewers and tongs at Monouso

Skewers, brochette and tongs are widely used in caterings and restaurants due to their multiple applications and the simplicity and effectiveness of their use.

At Monouso we have a wide range in different materials and lengths to cover all the needs of your catering business in the simplest possible way.

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