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At Monouso we know that miniatures for catering are the perfect complement for your events and parties! There is nothing more striking than surprising your guests with small portions of food presented in an original and elegant way. In this section you will find all the perfect catering miniatures to impress at an event, catering, tasting or reception. A wide catalogue with a multitude of models to meet all the needs of your events and celebrations awaits you on our website.

We have a wide range of catering articles in different materials, aesthetics and uses to create presentations and plating that will leave your customers open-mouthed.

  • Elegant and original presentations
  • Catering and tasting
  • Mini sizes for tapas, snacks and bite-sized appetizers
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Miniatures for catering: the trend that's a hit!

Welcome to the world of catering miniatures! If you are looking for specialised products to stand out in the presentation of food at events and parties, you have come to the right place.

Looking for a creative way to present your appetizers? Our appetizer miniatures are perfect for this. With their elegant and sophisticated design, you can offer your snacks in style, as well as being the key to presenting your dishes in an innovative and original way. With our plastic miniatures or biodegradable miniatures, you can create dishes that are not only a delight for the palate, but also a sight for sore eyes.

Plastic miniatures for catering: create innovative dishes

Reusable plastic miniatures are an increasingly popular choice among catering professionals. These miniatures have a great advantage, as they can be reused on numerous occasions without any loss of presentation quality.

Our plastic miniatures are the key to presenting your dishes in a unique way. With them, you can create dishes that will not only be a delight for the palate, but also a spectacle for the eyes, with all the advantages that reusable miniatures will bring to your business.

  • Practical and versatile
  • Suitable for any type of food
  • In all kinds of shapes, colours and finishes.

What is the finish you are looking for, resistant or very resistant? In our catalogue we want all our customers to find what they need, so we have miniatures that are able to withstand from 125 to 500 uses. A perfect option for those who want to save money without leaving sustainability aside and do not do without the resistance of plastic miniatures. They are easy to clean and store, which saves time and resources in the preparation of events.

Biodegradable miniatures: sustainable and environmentally friendly

If you are looking for a sustainable and environmentally friendly option, our biodegradable miniatures are an eco-friendly and sustainable option for those looking for an environmentally friendly food presentation. These miniatures are made from biodegradable and compostable materials , which means they decompose once disposed of in the appropriate container and cause no negative environmental impact.

  • Made from fully renewable materials
  • Can be disposed of after use
  • Environmentally friendly

By choosing eco-friendly, biodegradable miniatures, you are making a responsible and environmentally friendly choice.

Catering spoons: elegance and sophistication

Do you want to present your hors d'oeuvres in style so that your guests can enjoy them on the spot without using anything else? Our miniature appetizer spoons are perfect for this. With their elegant and sophisticated design, you can offer your snacks in a unique presentation.

  • Very easy to use
  • No other cutlery is needed at your event.
  • In different shapes, with ergonomic designs

This type of miniature cutlery has become an essentialcatering accessory for presenting small bites and appetizers at events and parties. This cutlery has a small size and is designed to facilitate the tasting of food with maximum comfort and elegance.

Diversity of shapes for miniatures: eye-catching and original plates

The diversity of shapes for catering miniatures is one of the main characteristics that make them so popular in our sector. In our online shop, you will find plastic, biodegradable and compostable miniatures that adapt to any type of event and dish. From mini tasting plates to appetizer cones, mini presentation trays and tasting bowls, and many other types of miniatures with different shapes and original designs to suit any occasion.

Buy miniatures for catering at Monouso

At Monouso we have put our hands to work to bring you the best selection. If you are looking for an innovative and original way to present your dishes at events and parties, our miniatures for catering will be the perfect option you need. Don't wait any longer and surprise your guests with our miniatures. Make your meal a unique and unforgettable experience!

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