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Food markers

Want to show your customers and guests that you care about them? It's as easy as adding a small detail like food markers with a small description of the product.

It is something very simple that will cost you very little and will surprise everyone.

  • Fun and original
  • Very informative for your waiters, no more mistakes in the dining room!
  • Very practical to differentiate different orders in the kitchen
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Food markers: a practical and useful detail

When it comes to presenting your products in an attractive and organised way, small details make all the difference. In this sense, food markers are a must-have item for your catering business. These simple sticks have a wide variety of uses, from marking the price of the product to indicating allergens or indicating the table number.

They are simple, but the markers are an original detail that will give your presentation a lot of personality and style.

Uses of food markers

With food markers you can mark the price of the product, the name of the dish, its characteristics (such as undercooked or overcooked), the table number or the offers and discounts available. In addition, you can also mark allergens such as gluten free or lactose free and write personalised messages for your customers.

Models of Monouso food markers

At Monouso, you can find different models of food markers to cover all your needs. We have the traditional wooden and paper markers already written with motifs such as gluten free, 100% vegan or lactose free. We also have food markers with a blackboard on the top so you can personalise them to your liking.

You can use the food markers on many different occasions and in many different ways. Take the opportunity to take care of your guests while giving an original and personal touch to the presentation of your products.

In short, food markers are a practical and useful detail that will give your business a touch of style and personality. Don't wait any longer to get yours!

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