Kitchen aprons are one of the main items of professional catering clothing and, with them, many companies consolidate their image in the eyes of their customers. Do you have any doubts about which one will be best for your business? At Monouso we offer you a selection of products with the following features:

  • Different sizes and shapes: to choose the one that best suits your staff.
  • Variety of colours: you can personalise the image of your staff by choosing colours that match your business.
  • Maximum hygiene: they help to avoid stains on your workers' uniforms.
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Catering aprons

If you are a catering business owner or a professional chef you know how important it is to stay clean and protected while cooking. This is where kitchen aprons come into play.

Kitchen aprons are an essential part of the professional uniform as they not only protect clothing from stains and splashes, but also help to maintain good hygiene and prevent cross-contamination. Our kitchen aprons are designed to offer excellent protection and comfort, while also looking professional and stylish.

In fact, the use of aprons within the catering industry has become a status symbol, contributing to the positive image of the establishment. It is widely used in service such as catering in bingos, taverns or modern bars where the same waiter performs the function of serving and charging. A fast service that offers the customer the security that they will be served with the minimum wait and, to the businessman or owner of the establishment, guarantees that all customers pay before leaving.

At Monouso you will find bib and pocket aprons , which completely cover the body from possible stains, or the elegant French-style aprons, free of fabric on the upper part, knotted at the waist, and with a long cut down to the ankles. The most popular aprons are the following, which are detailed below:

Long apron

This type of apron is very common in kitchens and food shops. It starts covering the body from the chest to a little below the knees. There are completely plain models, while others have pockets and compartments at the bottom of the apron.

Aprons with pockets are ideal for those who work facing the public, taking orders or collecting payment. They can hold notepads, pens, tips and more. In some restaurants and cafeterias, especially those dedicated to fast food, waiters use these compartments to keep some sauces, dressings and even the menu.

French apron

The French apron gives a certain level of elegance to whoever wears it. The most commonly used model has a length that extends from the waist to the ankles of the worker. There are French aprons with no slit and with a slit between the legs.

Short apron

This is the shortest of the three types of aprons. It is also frequently used in cafeterias and small restaurants. It starts at the waist and ends a little above the knees. Normally, this type of apron is worn in the same colour as the worker's trousers, so it goes unnoticed by diners.

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