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Showing your customers how tidy and efficient your service can be costs nothing! With order pads you can write down aspects such as the order of arrival of diners or the food on each table. The main advantages of our order pads are:

  • They facilitate quick organisation in your establishment.
  • Thanks to their small size, they are very easy to transport and convenient.
  • They allow an optimal management of orders.
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Order pads for the hotel and catering industry

We know that the basis of a good establishment lies in making diners feel comfortable. From the moment they walk in the door until they ask for their bill, they should feel at home. Conveying a sense of calm and attending to the needs of each customer is essential to achieve this goal.

That's why order pads are an incredibly important part of the food service chain. With them, you can keep a perfect record of each diner's preferences. They also allow you to avoid management errors and coordinate your establishment to get the most out of each area.

Because every gear in a catering establishment must work perfectly for it to be a complete success, from the wait staff to the kitchen staff. So this waiter's notebook allows you to easily present several copies of the same order.

There are establishments that serve so much food over the course of a service that at the end of the day it is difficult to remember which dishes have been most in demand. As the order pad allows you to easily keep track of the products during the day, you can also determine which ingredients need to be purchased, make sure that the money in the till matches the food served or make menu recommendations to new customers.

Handy order pads

Order pads are notebooks used to record orders and details for all types of catering establishments. They are usually made up of a succession of sheets of traditional paper and onion paper, making it easy to create several copies of an order at the same time, which is essential for any business in the hospitality sector.

Applications of order pads

  • Order pads for restaurants.
  • Food truck order pads.
  • Hotel order pads.
  • Cafeteria order pads.
  • Order pads for bars.
  • Order pads for take-away food businesses.
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