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Sunday afternoon, a family meal. It was quite a feast, but not all guests came. What can we do? We commend ourselves to the guests that never miss: Plastic Food Containers. We can use them as means of food presentation and transportation, standing out for their economy, hygiene and resistance. Due to their versatility, nowadays it is possible to find a large quantity of Plastic Food Containers for almost any use. You will find them all here at MonoUso.

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Plastic Food Containers have become the most economical, hygienic and resistant food presentation and transport supplies. Made of Polypropylene (PP), which is used to make perfect microwaveble containers; polystyrene, plastic used to make containers for hot food; and polyethylene terephthalate, whose composition is ideal for designing containers for cold food; our plastic containers offer extraordinary resistance as plastic containers for Take Away.

Plastic Food Containers are, without a doubt, one of the best allies in the kitchen.


Plastic Types for Disposable Containers

Various types of plastics are used in the manufacture of reusable or disposable Plastic Food Containers.

The most common are:

Plastic PET - Polyethylene Terephthalate

Containers made of this type of polymer are very resistant, even to strong impacts. Wear and corrosion do not affect them.

They stand out for their resistance to chemical agents and to withstand high temperatures.

PET plastic containers are economical and completely recyclable.

They are normally used to bottle soft drinks, fruit juices, water and personal hygiene products such as mouthwashes.


Plastic PP - Polypropylene

The composition of this type of plastic makes it possible to obtain a translucent, transparent product with good resistance. Ideal for transporting hot or cold food.

In addition to their physical appearance, Plastic Food Containers made of PP have a reduced cost.

Regarding their uses, they are present in plastic containers, lids, medical containers, straws and glasses.

Plastic OPS - Polystyrene

This diversity of plastic is innovative from its bowels, all with a single goal: to make it environmentally friendly.

Bioriented polystyrene is a very transparent and clean plastic, which makes it ideal to use it in the food industry.

 However, to reach these characteristics, this plastic is subjected to a process that makes it weaker than the previous ones.

To avoid breakage during handling, it is advisable to treat it with special care.


Safety when using plastic containers

We are so accustomed to the use of plastic in our daily lives that many times, due to lack of knowledge, we can put our health at risk because of improper use of this material.

Here are some tips to make good use of Plastic Food Containers:

  • If the plastic container presents some type of dent, imperfection, crack or cut, stop using it immediately.
  • Only plastic containers designed for this purpose should be used in the microwave. When we heat a plastic container in the microwave, which is not suitable for it, we trigger chemical reactions that are harmful to us.
  • Prolonged use of plastic containers can cause them to stain or develop unpleasant odors. Both situations are undesirable. It is advisable to discard any stained or odorous packaging.
  • If you want to reuse these plastic containers, you must wash them carefully. This will prevent the proliferation of bacteria or cross-contamination by food.

Regularly, the lids of this type of containers are not suitable for use in the microwave. Do not use them for this task.


Disposable plastic containers from Monouso

Focused on providing superior service and meeting your greatest demands, at Monouso we have a large stock of Disposable Food Plastic Containers.

Let's see which are our types of containers and a brief description of each of them.


Micro PP Hinge Container

This is a plastic container with a hinged lid designed for the perfect union with the container.

They are perfect for carrying saucy food. Suitable for its use in the microwave.

We have them in different sizes and measures.


Round Micro PP Container

Round plastic container are resistant to continuous use, even to blows, impact and scratches.

They are perfect for liquids and sauces.

You can use it to heat foods and sauces in the microwave.

At  Monouso you can buy them transparent, white or black.


Rectangular Micro PP Container

This type of packaging is very rigid, resistant and does not deform when used in hot conditions.

They are used to serve dishes that must be heated in order to be consumed. They can withstand temperatures between 40ºC and 120ºC.

Due to their composition, they can be used in the microwave without any inconvenience.


Premium Micro PP Container

Dressed in an elegant black color, the Premium Black PP Containers are real disposable tableware.

Behind their accurate and beautiful design, we find an ideal food container, because it maintains the temperature in an exceptional way.

Is food cold? It's all right! This tub can be used in the microwave without any complications.


Gastronorm PP trays

Heat Sealable Gastronorm Containers are widely used in hotels and restaurants to contain any type of food, raw or cooked.

Ideal for meat, chicken, fish, fruit and vegetables. Having the ability to be thermally sealed, we guarantee that no juices or sauces will spill from any food.

As if this were not enough, Gastronorm Trays can be used in the microwave.


Thermosealable Micro PP Container

Another presentation of Micro Thermo Sealable Containers perfect for fresh or cooked food establishments.

Chicken, pasta, roasted meats, lasagna or fruit are just some of the foods that you can transport in this type of container.

 The security provided by these types of containers benefits from the possibility of being used in the microwave.


OPS Hot Hinged Containers

Thanks to their hermetically sealed design, OPS Hot Hinged Containers are a spill-resistant container.

They can withstand a wide range of temperatures, between -40ºC and 80ºC, however they are not the best to be used in the microwave.

Due to their great transparency, they are widely used by food sales companies, hotels, ice-cream parlors and bakeries.


OPS StayLock Hot Containers

Equipped with a double clasp closure, this type of container is perfect for transporting baked food, pasta, salad, sandwiches and desserts.

They are very transparent and resistant, especially to continuous opening and closing, which is why they are used as a means of presenting and transporting food to take away.

Material very resistant to low temperatures, supporting up to -22ºF.


OPS Hot ClearPac Containers

Ideal for bulk products, also for bakeries and pastry shops that sell simple take-away meals.

Some have compartments to incorporate more foods.

The OPS ClearPac Hot Container lid closing system offers security against spillage against any type of food contained inside.


OPS Hot ClearSeal Container

Because of their polystyrene glass composition, these containers are ideal for cold or hot food placed on any shelf.

OPS ClearSeal® Containers are durable, resistant and reliable. They have a perimeter closure that allows food to be offered without loss of freshness and stability.

They perform smoothly in very cold environments, withstanding temperatures up to 22 ° F.

Hinged PET Containers

Due to its characteristics, this container is among the favorites of the Spanish market.

 Equipped with a hinged lid, for a hermetic closing of high invoice, these containers are able to resist temperatures between -40ºC and 70ºC.

They are ideal for storing food in the refrigerator, but cannot be used in the microwave oven.

Impregnable PET Cold Container

These containers have no competitor on the market. Due to the perfect seal design on the lid, they are perfect for transporting and storing sauces and creams.

They do not lose conditions when working at temperatures between -40ºC and 70ºC.

Unfortunately, they should not be used in the microwave oven.


DeliLite Cold rPET Container

Among the cheapest on the market, completely dominating the home-cooked food sector.

They are equipped with an anti-drip lid, ideal for an effective transport of food.

At Monouso we sell them with lids.


DeliGourmet Cold rPET Container

Ideal for serving food to carry cold food, although the plastic resists temperatures between -40 º C and 80 º C.

They are Disposable Containers widely used in the food industry.

They are made 100% PET, obtaining a very transparent container with a special shine.


PressDress SOLO PET Cold Container

Rigid, resistant, unbreakable and hermetic are just some of the characteristics of this type of container.

They are widely used in takeaway meals that must have some sauce or dressing at the time of eating.


Premium Round Cold PET Container

This type of container allows the transport or presentation of food without losing taste or elegance.

It emphasizes the possibility of placing a hermetically sealed lid, a feature that allows the contents to be kept inside.

It is highly prized among restaurant businesses that offer food delivery service.


PET Cold Salad Bowls

As its name indicates, it is an ideal tupper to contain salads. That's what it was designed for and it works perfectly.

Due to its manufacture with PET, it is a lightweight, firm and highly impact resistant product.

They have a hermetic hinge seal that isolates the food from the outside, allowing no loss of properties or flavor.


Premium Square Cold PET Container

If you're looking for a container that fits the take-away concept perfectly, the Premium Square Cold PET Container is what you need.

Confectionery Plastic Container

The presentation and transfer of muffins, tartar and any other dessert have never been so simple.

The Pastry Plastic Container has the design, firmness and durability necessary for desserts to arrive intact at their destination.

They come in different sizes, to take a portion or a whole dessert.


Sandwich Container

These containers are the best way to display and sell your sandwiches.

They are the perfect size to hold a sandwich and transport it to its destination in perfect conditions.

They have a very striking triangular design and take up very little space, allowing an easy transport.

Sauce Container

Perfectly sized to hold a serving of sauce, dressing or small amounts of fruit, these containers will make your life easier.

You can find this container in any restaurant dedicated to fast food and even tapas.

At Monouso you can find them white, transparent, a little dark or totally black. For all tastes.

When it comes to Disposable Food Containers, the Plastic Container is indispensable to present and serve your culinary creations in optimum conditions.


At MonoUso you will find all types of Plastic Food Containers. From Microwaveable Containers, Hot Food Hinged Containers and Impregnable Lid PET Containers to Premium PP Containers, Premium PET Containers and Heat Sealable Containers. Without any doubt, a wide selection for any type of food, whether served hot or cold.

If, on the other hand, you have another type of business, in our web you will also find another selection of Packaging for Special Foods by material: FOAM Containers, Paper Food Containers, Sugar Cane Containers and Aluminium Containers. A convenient solution for your business with 24/48 hour delivery. If you want more information about Plastic Containers, do not hesitate to contact us at +34 931 158 455.

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