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Hand sanitizers

Hygiene comes first and when it comes to hands even more so, as it is one of the main ways in which viruses and germs are transmitted. To avoid this, we recommend hand sanitizing gel, whose composition of antiseptic agents will help prevent the proliferation of microorganisms. In addition, this antibacterial gel will give your hands a soft and moisturizing sensation thanks to its enrichment with aloe vera.

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The hydroalcoholic gel is very effective against a wide range of bacteria (Gram-positive and Gram-negative), Mycobacterium tuberculosis, fungi and viruses. It contains Panthenol, which cares, protects and moisturizes the skin. In addition, it helps regenerate the tissue and maintain an adequate level of moisture in the lower layers of the skin.

The hand sanitizing gel is one of the most widely used products for preventive hygiene, eliminating up to 90% of pathogenic microorganisms.

The hands are parts of the body vulnerable to possible contagion from external agents, so maintaining daily hygiene is essential. Normally, soap and water will be enough to obtain optimal protection, but what if we told you that with this antiseptic gel you will not need to rinse after its application?

A convenient and practical way to keep your hands free of bacteria in a few minutes.

Method to wash your hands properly
On many occasions, the urge to continue with other tasks makes us make the mistake of applying the hand gel and immediately rinsing it with water. Although this gel does not need to be rinsed, it is important not to rush and to be aware of the correct procedure so that you can effectively disinfect your hands.

1. Put a small amount of product in the palm of your hands and rub them in a back and forth motion

2. Rub the right palm against the back of the left one and vice versa

3. Rub hands together palm to palm and crisscross fingers

4. Rub the fingertips of the right hand with the fingertips of the left hand

5. Rub right thumb with opposite palm in a circular motion and vice versa

6. Rub the right hand palm with the left hand buds in a circular motion and vice versa

7. Repeat all steps for 30-60 seconds


Once the hand washing is completed, its effectiveness will be reached within 2 to 3 minutes after the application of the disinfectant hand gel or hydroalcoholic gel.


What is a hydroalcoholic gel?
Water-alcoholic gel or hand sanitizing gel has been used for several years in the health sector. Its usefulness is to be able to maintain a level of hygiene in cases where it is not possible to wash hands, either for reasons of frequency (number of washes per day) or for reasons of practicality (absence of water point).

Hand disinfectant gel is mainly composed of alcohol, which gives it its disinfecting properties.

What is its fineness?

The purpose of a hydro-alcoholic gel is therefore to ensure hand disinfection in addition to washing, but it should never be replaced. Therefore, we must continue to apply hand washing protocols.

Why use hand sanitizers in the workplace?
Hand disinfectant for offices, hand disinfectant for hospitals, hand disinfectant for laboratories etc.
Hands are the main vector for the transmission of germs.
Scientists estimate that 80% of infections are transmitted by hands. This therefore involves hand-to-hand contact, but also contact with common objects: telephone, lift buttons, door handle, keypad, ramps, etc

70% of people do not wash their hands or only use water after visiting the bathroom at their workplace. Cross-contamination between employees can lead to increased absenteeism.

Good hygiene standards can save money as well as prevent germs, 21 independent studies conducted internationally show that compliance with good hygiene standards contributes to a reduction in illness, absenteeism and related costs by around 40%. It costs little to encourage those who represent your biggest investment, employees must have good hygiene.

Providing your organization with hand sanitizer costs only a few cents per person per day.


Choosing the ideal hand sanitizer will depend on the activity you are going to perform and the effectiveness you wish to achieve. Whether it is to fight bacteria, viruses and germs, its bactericidal, virucidal and fungicidal function will keep your hands protected. Without forgetting that the wide spectrum of these products have biocidal qualities, that is, they reduce the germs in the treated skin areas.
Apart from their function, you can choose from different types of disinfectants such as liquid solutions or disinfectant gels.





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