Bars & Pubs

If you want to buy barware, you've come to the right place. At Monouso we offer you all kinds of essential products for any kind of bar: breweries, pubs, terraces, canteens or beach bars, among others. We have a wide range of supplies for pubs. From all kinds of glasses and jugs for beer, cocktails, shots or spirits, to mini cocktail napkins with their napkin holders and dispensers, order pads, placemats, ice buckets, straws and stirrers.

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Reusable Plastic Beer Jars

Tube cups

Shot glasses

Drink Straws

Plastic Ice Buckets

Paper Napkins

Presentation Stands for Fried Food

Order Pads

Food Picks and Skewers

Squeeze Sauce Bottles

Ecological Sauce Containers

Anti Slip Serving Trays

Bars are busy places where it is essential to have quality, reusable, disposable bar products.

In our shop you can be sure that you will find the best supplies to cover all your business needs. And for this, we have thought about each of the areas where you need disposable items to gain in effectiveness and efficiency in your establishment: if there is a product that can make your job easier, why work twice as hard?

In the dining room, your waiters will appreciate the quality of the non-slip waiter trays, in different colours and shapes. Also the order pads, your great allies to keep track of your customers' orders. In addition, if your customers order a chilled wine or cava, we have plastic ice buckets! They are transparent, very elegant and easy to transport from one side of the room to the other.

And let's not forget the terrace. With Monouso's reusable jugs and glasses, you won't have to worry about the crockery leaving the premises: they are resistant, some of them practically unbreakable. Their advantages go beyond their durability, as they maintain the temperature of the drink for longer, something your customers will be grateful for when they hang out on your terrace during the most inopportune hours of the summer. Who doesn't want their cold beer to last longer?

We can't forget about paper napkins, skewers or presentation stands either. At Monouso we have all kinds of bar products that will make your day-to-day life more comfortable and efficient.

All the essential utensils for bartenders!

If you run a pub, we're not telling you anything new when we point out how important a bartender 's tools are for creating exquisite drinks. Reusable tube glasses, ecological straws to accompany cocktails and cocktails, and plastic ice cube trays cannot be missing in your rituals of creating the most explosive drinks for your customers.

We have also selected for you the best reusable pint glasses and beer mugs, as well as a varied selection of sizes and colours of shot glasses. So that no two rounds are the same!

Monouso, supplier of disposables for bars and pubs

Everything you need for your venue can be found in our Monouso online shop at the best prices. Offer your customers an outstanding service with the barware in this section.

If you have any questions about a product, contact us! Our customer service team is just a phone call away from answering all your questions and helping you with the management of your purchase. Buying disposable barware for your bar couldn't be easier!

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