Foil Food Containers

Foil food containers and disposable trays are containers specially designed to hold, protect, preserve and transport food that can reach or maintain high temperatures. Due to their aluminium composition, they have superior heat resistance.

Aluminium trays are made of a very malleable material, therefore, they are able to easily adapt to the characteristics of each product. In addition, their surface is a great barrier against external agents such as air, thus keeping your food fresh for longer.

  • Compatible with high temperatures
  • Versatile
  • Easy to transport
  • Easy to recycle
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Aluminium containers and trays are one of the most reliable products in the catering industry. Many businesses and shops use this type of packaging to present their food in a practical way, but without losing attractiveness.

Aluminium is a light, flexible and hygienic material. It is also very resistant, so it can withstand high temperatures without any problems. This makes it perfect for baking your meals without the danger of deforming the container or affecting the food. As it is a good conductor of heat, aluminium allows the shelf life of food to be extended and prevents it from cooling down too quickly. For this reason, many businesses use it for all kinds of hot and cold preparations: roast chicken, salad, tapas, omelettes, paella and a variety of rice dishes, lasagne and pasta, among others.

Aluminium containers: practical and safe

If you have come this far, we want you to know the advantages that disposable aluminium containers can bring to your catering business, and we have prepared all the necessary information for you to choose the aluminium containers that best suit your service in complete safety. Let's get to it!

  • More resistant than other materials.
  • Perfect for cooking in the oven.
  • Resistant to high temperatures.
  • Lightweight.
  • Good heat conductor.

Thanks to their advantageous properties, disposable aluminium food containers are the perfect material for take-away and catering establishments, as they can offer their customers a convenient way to transport their food without it getting cold quickly.

Disposable aluminium food packaging

If the last few years have taught us anything, it's that professional businesses need to keep a high stock of take-away products (just in case). And what better way to build that security than with the most reliable material in the food industry?

If you love cooking, with round aluminium containers you can put your best recipes into practice. Due to their high heat resistance, they are perfect for cooking in the oven. Get to work! What's more: if these aluminium takeaway containers are ideal for the catering industry, just imagine for the home environment: choose the one that suits you best!

Aluminium containers with lids

If you want to make cannelloni as good as grandma's, there are no more excuses. Aluminium containers with lids allow you to cook food in the oven without the risk of the container becoming deformed. Moreover, because they are made of aluminium, these aluminium trays with l ids allow you to preserve the temperature of your meals so that your customers can take them home without them getting cold quickly.

If you are a catering business or have a take a way or home delivery service, aluminium container lids are the perfect choice.

On the other hand, if your business offers a catering service where you have to transport meals, these containers will also be a great help. Thanks to their grease-proof lids, your customers will be able to take their meals away without fear of spilling the contents. In addition, these eco-friendly disposable trays allow you to transport large quantities of food easily and heat them in the oven just before serving.

Aluminium rotisserie chicken containers

Looking for a container to hold and keep your rotisserie chicken warm during transport and until it reaches your customers' tables? That's where aluminium rotisserie chicken containers come in, your faithful allies in keeping your food warm and ready to serve.

These aluminium containers are a masterpiece of culinary engineering. Thanks to their ability to retain heat, you can enjoy your roast chicken with the same juiciness and flavour as when it first came out of the oven.

What's more, aluminium rotisserie chicken containers are very practical and versatile. You can use them to carry hot or cold food, and their disposable design means you can avoid the hassle of cleaning and storing containers.

Aluminium trays

Of all the containers in this category, aluminium trays are the most popular format, especially in the takeaway sector. The reasons? We could talk about ecological properties, resistance or aesthetics. However, it is clear to us: their format is key for any delivery or take away business.

When we talk about format, we are not only referring to size or measurements, but also to compatibility with basic functions such as lids or oven. Thus, aluminium food containers are reliable for transporting any food ration. Moreover, customers are used to this material, so you are betting on a safe and reliable product.

Do you think you know all about disposable aluminium trays? Wait, we still have a few more things to tell you about their advantages.

Disposable trays

It's no wonder that when we think of disposable trays, we think of aluminium trays. The reason is that this product has been the main solution for ready meals, take away and other catering businesses for decades. And how could it be otherwise, it is one of our most popular products in terms of disposable food packaging.

This is probably due to their versatility (they are suitable for any type of portion) and their competitive price, but also because they have been proving for several decades that they are synonymous with successful businesses. We know that, you know that and? your customers know it.

Aluminium trays with lid

Aluminium trays with lids are the absolute king of take away and delivery, as they keep freshly cooked food fresh while providing a firm grip and stability for transport. In addition, the lid of these aluminium containers is one of the most reliable closures in the entire take-away catalogue.

Another advantage of disposable aluminium trays with lids is that they allow you to pick up and clean efficiently. Once you've finished using them, simply throw them in the recycling bin and that's it!

Our aluminium trays will give your meals such a formal and attractive look that they won't be able to resist trying them. At Monouso we have different models so you can choose the best option to make your recipes perfect. And let's get cooking!

Aluminium baking tray

There are many compatible materials for baking, but let's be clear: the aluminium baking tray is one of the most popular options because of its enormous thermal resistance, freezing capacity and high food contact capacity that prevents them from transmitting substances or odours to the food.

In addition, disposable aluminium baking trays are stackable, so you can have ample stock available without consuming space at your workstation.

Anyone up for baking a quiche? A lasagne, perhaps?

Aluminium containers for baking

Are you a pastry lover and want your customers to enjoy and be surprised by your delicious preparations? If so, then it is possible that our aluminium containers will become your perfect allies for your baking creations.

Aluminium baking moulds

Aluminium baking tins are a popular solution for bakers looking for a two-in-one baking tin. And why do we say two in one? Because our aluminium baking tins can serve both as a container for baking your sweets and as a convenient container for transporting them once they have cooled. Have you ever found any other container so practical?

Another of the main advantages of this type of packaging is that they are very light, easy to store and easy to handle. But it doesn't stop there, they offer excellent heat distribution when used as baking tins. This means that your desserts will bake evenly and you will get a perfect and delicious result. Why else do you think we have aluminium Plumcake tins or aluminium capsules in our catalogue?

Lids for aluminium containers

And what about the lids? Don't worry because at Monouso we have thought of everything. In each category you can find the compatible lids you need to close your aluminium containers.

Our aluminium lids are specifically designed to fit the shape of our aluminium containers, ensuring a perfect fit and a secure seal to prevent leaks and spills. Want to keep your preparations warm for hours and transport them safely? Our aluminium lids are the perfect solution!

Buy aluminium containers at Monouso

Knowing its many advantages, at Monouso we have decided to bring you a wide catalogue of aluminium containers, ideal for those who are looking for a practical and efficient option for baking and serving any type of preparation.

At Monouso we follow the trends and that's why we are experts in selling aluminium containers. Here you will find different sizes and formats, as well as competitive prices. What are you waiting for?

So don't hesitate any longer, buy now and discover why our aluminium containers are the perfect choice for your food storage needs!

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