Plastic Ice Buckets

Do you want to keep your drinks nice and cold at any event or outdoor catering service? Our clear or coloured plastic ice buckets are the ideal solution. Made of strong, durable and elegant plastic materials, these ice buckets allow you to keep your drinks cool for several hours, making them ideal for any occasion.

What are their main features? We'll tell you briefly about them:

  • Resistant and durable: they withstand knocks and low temperatures without breaking or deforming thanks to their materials. Resistant and durable material, which withstands shocks and low temperatures without breaking or deforming.
  • Wide selection: In different sizes, finishes and designs, adapted to each of your business needs.
  • Good capacity: perfect for one or several bottles, with enough capacity to cool the drink for hours.
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Benefits of using ice buckets for drinks

If you are looking for a practical and efficient way to keep your drinks and refreshments cool, plastic ice buckets are a good option. As well as being an economical and sustainable alternative, they have many benefits that make them ideal for all types of events and hospitality related businesses.

Firstly, plastic ice buckets are very resistant and durable, thanks to the quality materials they are made of, they can withstand low temperatures and knocks without breaking or deforming. This makes them ideal for events with a large number of people, where bottles and other utensils can easily be damaged.

In addition, plastic ice buckets are perfect for cooling one or several bottles of drinks, maintaining the temperature for several hours with the help of ice. This is especially useful at outdoor events or in places where there is no access to a fridge or cooler.

Uses of plastic ice buckets

As for the different applications that plastic ice buckets can have, we list some examples below:

  • In catering, to keep drinks cold at any event or outdoor service.
  • In catering and banquets, to cool bottles of wine, cava, gin and tonic or cocktails.
  • In bars and restaurants, to offer an elegant and sophisticated presentation when serving drinks.
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