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Reusable Durables Jars SAN

Unbreakable plastic jugs are the perfect kitchen utensil for serving drinks at the table in a group and clean way. In this case, from Monouso we offer you a selection of reusable jugs that will provide a complete service, saving money and without losing quality.

Our SAN plastic jugs look very similar to glass, however, they do not break when dropped or deform due to low or high temperatures. They are ideal for outdoor events and get-togethers with friends where the fun never stops.

  • Maximum resistance, unbreakable
  • Glass-like appearance
  • Variety of shapes and capacities
  • Reusable
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Do you have an event coming up and are looking for the perfect durable jugs to replace your glass jugs? At Monouso we have created our range of Durable plastic jugs, and we have no doubt that they will amaze your customers.

Made from SAN and Tritan, our jugs are uniquely strong, so much so that they are known as the unbreakable plastic jugs. And, precisely for this reason, they are widely used in restaurants, hotels and catering, as they provide the maximum guarantee of durability and safety.

Durable reusable plastic jugs

Our Durable reusable jugs provide total safety. They are light and resistant to breakage and have a certain elasticity to absorb any type of impact without having to worry about breaking, which makes them the perfect jugs for use in outdoor spaces such as terraces, swimming pools or gardens. What's more, they perfectly imitate the look of glass, so you won't have to give up the elegance of the classic jugs.

In short, our reusable jugs are characterised by:

  • Good resistance to both impact and beverages of different temperatures.
  • Glass-like appearance.
  • Extreme durability.

You can enjoy both Tritan and SAN reusable jugs for a long time without incident, making them the best alternative to glass jugs that break and crack easily. Some of them allow up to 500 uses! This means you won't have to constantly worry about buying more and you'll be adding a touch of sustainability to your business.

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