Paper Bags with Self-Closing

Are you thinking about how your customers can take your products away safely and sustainably? At Monouso we are thinking of you and we present you with our selection of resistant paper bags with zips, a practical and safe option for transporting foodstuffs. These are some of their main features:

  • Varied designs: we have a wide range of designs of zipped paper bags in different shapes, so you can choose the one that best suits your business.
  • Different colours: we have bags in kraft and white colours for an extra touch of personalisation.
  • Secure closure: Thanks to their adhesive or zip closure, our paper bags guarantee the safety and freshness of food, preventing spillage and keeping products in perfect condition.
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The most secure resealable paper bags

Are you afraid that when you store your products, the bags may not be properly closed and may fall or get damaged? At Monouso we take into account all the needs of catering professionals and we transform problems into solutions. With our bags with ZIP closure and our bags with adhesive closure you can guarantee the safety of your bags until they reach their destination.

Following this line, within our category of paper zip bags you can find two variants: bags with window or without window. SOS bags, Doypack bags, Stand Up bags and bags with base and window, will allow you to offer your product to your customers in a much more attractive way for transport.

However, if you don't have this need, the bags with windowless closure are much more comfortable and practical, offering the same security as the others but without showing the contents. It is also worth noting that windowless bags are better for smaller products.

Paper bags without handles, more resistant

These bags have a differential characteristic with the rest of the bags, and that is that they do not have handles to hold them. They are ideal for small products as they focus on maximum security and comfort and are very resistant. When lifting them, the force is distributed throughout the structure of the bag, so the risk of breakage is reduced.

Of course, all this without forgetting one of our principles: sustainability. All our resealable paper bags can be recycled in the appropriate containers and are made from environmentally friendly materials such as paper.

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