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We have all kinds of professional supplies for your churro shop or churro stand. With such well-defined characteristics and such a specialised menu, the needs of your type of establishment are very specific. At Monouso we have put together a catalogue with the items you need on a daily basis. Churros tend to have a greasy finish, so it is important that you offer your customers greaseproof containers for churros, which prevent them from getting greasy or greasy. In our online shop you will also find cardboard cones and brown paper cones that prevent the oil from getting through. You can also find bags for churros and porras and boxes with a compartment for chocolate, all in one!

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Churros Packaging

Churro Bags

Reusable Plastic Mugs

Paper Hot Cups

Cup Carriers

Coffee Spoons

Napkins 30x30cm

Presentation Stands for Fried Food

Churros, porras, fritters with a ribbon, filled with cream, with sugar, without sugar, dipped in chocolate... Although there is a wide variety on your menu, the containers you need for your churro shop must always have certain common characteristics:

  • Grease-proof, so that the oil does not get through.
  • Easy to refill, especially during peak business hours.
  • Easy for your customers to carry
  • Stackable, so they take up little storage space
  • Suitable for food contact

Our containers for churro shops and street stalls that sell churros meet all these characteristics, and some more, as they are also original. You can find them with a variety of prints(kraft, drawings, motifs that imitate newspaper pages).

Breakfast customers, early risers on Sundays, those who visit you at festivals or fairs, late-night revellers, regulars at village markets... all your customers will be able to transport their churros safely and comfortably with the containers we have selected for you in this section. Bag, box, cone... choose the most convenient format for your business, we have many models of each type!

In addition to bags and boxes for churros, at Monouso we offer you many other essential accessories for your business: disposable and reusable cups for hot chocolate, teaspoons, cardboard cups or napkins. All designed so that you can provide a complete service with the sale of hot drinks. And if you have a shop, we also have stands that will allow you to serve your specialities at the table in an original and comfortable way.

In our shop you will find ecological options in all our supplies for churrerías. Bring out your eco-friendly side with 100% biodegradable and recyclable bags, cups and cones.

Monouso, supplier of supplies for churro shops

With an extensive catalogue dedicated to containers specially designed for use in churro parlours and street stalls with references from traditional manufacturers and the best prices, Monouso is the reference shop for this professional sector. Trust us to provide you with all the packaging for churro shops that you need. Can't find what you're looking for? Not sure if a product will meet your needs? Contact our customer service team and they will solve all your doubts. And if you prefer, we can manage your purchase.

Take advantage of our quantity discounts and get all your containers at unbeatable prices. And with 24-hour delivery!

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