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Hygiene Products

Hygiene and cleanliness is essential in all sectors, but even more so in the catering, bakery and food preparation and service sectors. You can consult our abundant selection of products, perfect for maintaining optimum hygiene and cleanliness in your business.

  • For all types of business: catering, hospitality, etc.
  • Highly effective for excellent cleaning and protection.
  • Maximum quality-price ratio in all our hygiene and cleaning products.
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Hand sanitizers

Paper towel and hand soap dispensers

Wet wipes


Commercial Toilet Paper

Plastic Paper Roll Dispenser

Paper Towels

Paper Towel Dispenser

Center Pull Paper Roll

Towel Dispensers

Industrial Paper Towel

Paper Roll Stand Holder

Stretcher Paper Roll

Electric Hand Dryers


Dish Towel

Biodegradable dog poop bags

Disposable Gloves

Disposable Clothing

Active filters

Hygiene and cleanliness for success

Hygiene and cleanliness are more important than ever and no business can afford to neglect them. It is so important that it can make the difference between causing serious public health problems or achieving success.

For example, imagine a restaurant that does not care about the cleanliness of its utensils and surfaces. Do you think anyone would want to eat there? Of course not! That's why at Monouso we are dedicated to providing the highest quality hygiene and cleaning products to help keep your business clean and safe for both your customers and your employees.

Impeccable hygiene and safety

At Monouso we want to make sure that the safety and hygiene of all your employees is impeccable. For this, not only do you need products such as industrial paper rolls or cloths to clean the surfaces of your premises, but you may also need disposable clothing to provide you with extra protection. Shoe covers, beard covers, aprons, whatever you need for maximum safety. Of course, if you work with stretchers, you can also find our rolls of stretcher paper in the catalogue of our online shop.

Dispensers for soap and disinfectant gel

Dispensers for soap and disinfectant gel are the most hygienic and effective way of distributing these products without wasting anything and maintaining the highest possible hygiene. We offer a wide variety of dispensers in different sizes and materials so that you can find the one that best suits your needs.

Hand sanitising gel for maximum hygiene

Hand sanitising gel has become an essential tool for keeping viruses and bacteria away from all kinds of products that are handled, such as restaurant preparations. Our selection features quality products that will help you maintain effective and gentle disinfection on the skin of your hands.

Handy wet wipes

There are a variety of catering businesses where customers end up getting their hands dirty. Burger bars, seafood restaurants... we all imagine delicious meals at the mere mention of them, but what about the unpleasant feeling of having to wipe your hands, a napkin not being enough, and having to rush to the toilet? With Monouso wet wipes you have the solution at your fingertips. All you have to do is distribute them to your guests so that when they find themselves in this situation they can wash themselves quickly and easily.

Absorbent tissues

At Monouso, we know that personal hygiene is essential to maintain a healthy and comfortable lifestyle. That's why we have a selection of disposable tissues in our catalogue, ideal for cleaning stains or products in the most skin-friendly way possible. They are characterised by being:

  • Soft: specifically designed for skin contact.
  • High absorption capacity: perfect for different situations such as make-up removal or for spills or stains.
  • Portable: take them with you wherever you go! Thanks to their design they are very easy to store and transport.

Sturdy toilet paper dispensers

Toilet paper dispensers are an essential tool for maintaining hygiene and cleanliness in any washroom or toilet. By preventing the need to handle all the paper directly, they protect it from germs and bacteria. Our toilet paper dispensers are made of strong, durable materials, making them ideal for intensive use. And, of course, they are designed to be easy to use and refill, making them the perfect choice for any business.

Toilet paper for all types of washrooms

And if there's one thing that needs a dispenser like this, it's toilet paper. For any type of personal hygiene it is necessary and we can distinguish between two types, one for domestic use and the other for industrial use.

We have both domestic toilet paper, perfect for homes and businesses due to its size and design, and industrial toilet paper, designed to meet the needs of businesses and large premises, such as hotels, restaurants and large supermarkets.

Buy hygiene and cleaning products

At Monouso you can find all kinds of cleaning products to keep your business in the best conditions, so that it is as attractive as possible for your potential customers. From electric hand dryers for maximum comfort in drying hands to hand dryer paper rolls, hand dryer paper towels and reel holders for industrial paper rolls. Check out our website and be amazed by the wide selection of Monouso products.

And not only in your business, if you also want to take care of your personal hygiene and that of your pet, you can use our biodegradable dog waste bags, totally sustainable! Find the products you need and, if you have any doubts, consult our Customer Service.

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