Paper Napkins

Paper Napkins have become the icing on the cake to decorate any table you care about. From MonoUso we offer you a wide catalogue of shapes and colors to accompany the good service of your catering business.

The Disposable Napkins are the most hygienic alternative for hoteliers and diners, because you only have to clear the table to end the work, forgetting to wash, rinse and iron. Each customer will feel that you care about their well-being in an exclusive way, without worrying about if the product has been used by someone else.

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Bring personality to your table with the Paper Napkins collection we offer at MonoUso.

This is a small touch of distinction that will impress guests. Our exclusive napkin solutions make your life easier. They save you time setting the table and are easy to store.

Reasons to choose Disposable Napkins:

  • Extreme quality
  • Environmentally friendly materials
  • Very pleasant to touch   
  • Single-use: goodbye to discolored tissues, wrinkles and stains
  • You can coordinate them with tablecloths, tableware, etc.


The consumption of this type of Paper Napkins has been spreading, thanks to its reduced price and its great functionality.

At MonoUse, you can buy this type of napkins with different formats: 14x14cm, 20x20cm, 25x25cm and 30x30cm and also in packs of 750 units. But this is not all, if you are looking for another type of napkins for your establishment here you will find different sizes, shapes and colors.

In some cases, they even are customizable to adapt to the use that the consumer requires.

You can choose MiniServis Paper Napkins 17x17, perfect for use in bars and other types of establishments, available in tissue or sulphite quality.

It can also be a good choice Cocktail Paper Napkins 20x20 if your business held receptions, parties and general events. A quality napkin; ideal for its softness because it is very absorbent, and also available in many colors.

If you serve menus or light meals in your premises, the Paper Napkins 30x30 and Paper Napkins 33x33 cm, are a great choice to give a quality service at the best price.


But if you are looking for napkins of higher quality, volume and smoothness, the best choice is the 40x40 Paper Napkins. Elegant, with various folding formats and available in various colors. A coquettish and distinguished solution to give an excellent service in your bar or restaurant.


For those most concerned about ecology and the Environment business, Ecological Recycled Paper Napkins are your ideal choice. They are made of 100% recycled cellulose, they are soft, absorbent and of great quality.




Why use disposable paper napkins?

In your services, cleanliness, hygiene and exclusivity have to be the best qualifiers to define your image, that's why we from MonoUso consider that those needs, in every catering, event or food, are covered by the Disposable Paper Napkins.


Paper napkins for all tastes

Here are some of the basic features of the paper napkins offered by Monouso.


Now let's take a brief walk through each of the options you will find within this category, giving you the most relevant data for each of the products.


Flat paper napkins

They're in the group of cheap napkins.

They are composed of vegetable paper with a chemical bath which reduces porosity and makes them more resistant. In addition, they have great performance in absorbing fats from food.

They are normally used by all types of restaurants, especially those that focus on fast food service.

For a couple of euros, you can make yourself a pack of 700 units of flat paper napkins. Not bad to give the product a taste.

After you convince yourself that it's just what you need, we have packages of up to 30,000 units.

Available in four sizes: 15 x 15cm, 20 x 20cm, 25 x 25cm and 30 x 30cm.


ZigZag Paper Napkins 14x14

This type of flat napkins, with sulfite bath, is a little smaller than the previous ones. Therefore, they are a cheaper.

They have the particularity of being arranged in an interlaced way, so they are considered ideal to be placed in napkin holders, both in restaurants and at home.


This characteristic makes them ideal for fast food outlets, tapas, churrerías and other restaurants that use napkin holders.

The napkins are white with a fine detail printed in blue or red, giving a distinctive touch and distinction to your table.


 Paper Napkins 17x17 MiniServis

Just looking at this napkin you will think of your favorite cafeteria and that's because they are the most used in that type of commercial premises.

These iconic napkins are made of tissue paper or sulphite.

The ones made of sulfite are very good for absorbing fat, but they collapse quickly in front of liquids.

Another point to keep in mind is that they are a bit rough to the touch, which could be a bit uncomfortable for your customer.

On the other hand, Tisu 17x17 MiniServis Paper Napkins have superior features. They absorb liquids better, so they can support cleaning.

In addition, the touch is much softer and they are elastic, particularities that will please any diner.

The traditional white color of these paper cloths opens the way to beautiful colored napkins (black, burgundy, pistachio and orange) and innovative printed napkins.

Without a doubt, a refined touch that will add personality points to your restaurant.

As for the measures, they are very varied: 11 x 20 cm, 17 x 17 cm and 30 x 40 cm.


Cocktail Paper Napkins 20x20

Whether your business focuses on parties, catering, cocktails, celebrations or it is a pub, these napkins may be what you need.

In sizes of 20 x 20 cm, the tissue paper in these napkins will show your customers that you take their comfort and service very seriously.

More than 20 different colors of napkins, ranging from white to black, will allow you to make them a point of decoration with functionality.

In this same section of Monouso, we offer you the possibility of acquiring special napkin holders to dispense this type of hygiene utensils.


To meet all needs, packages ranging from 100 to 6000 units are sold.


Paper Napkins 25x25cm

These sturdy napkins are perfect for serving cocktails, tapas, tastings and appetizers.

They are made from 25 x 25 cm double-layer tissue paper folded to ¼

The resistance of these napkins allows their personalization with prints of 1 or 2 inks, where you can place the name of your restaurant.

It has great power of absorption and protect the hands of any grease or liquid.


Paper Napkins 30x30cm

When we think of foods of large sizes, such as breakfasts, lunches and even snacks, these napkins come into play.

Made of paper pulp in one, two or three layers, they are highly absorbent and resistant.

They are very soft to the touch and elastic, and are available in a wide variety of colors.

Packages contain between 100 and 4800 units.

At Monouso, in addition to normal paper napkins, you'll find ecological paper napkins, allowing your restaurant to contribute to the environment.


Paper Napkins 33x33cm

Slightly larger than 30x30 in size, these paper napkins offer greater cleaning power for those who have inexpensive and fast food restaurants.

With soft, elastic, resistant and very absorbent. In many restaurants they are used as disposable cleaning cloths.

This is because they are made with an extra layer of cellulose paper.

So that they do not go unnoticed and add to the design of your premises, they are available in a wide range of colors and prints for special occasions.


Paper Napkins 40x40cm

This is a premium napkin. That's why they're favorites in the hospitality industry.

In Monouso you can find them in folds from ¼ or 1/8 in a variety of important colors and designs. The idea is that they combine with the style and personality of your restaurant.

They have a superior feel that resembles the fabric, being very soft and comfortable to use.

This configuration makes them perfect for customizing it with prints in one or two inks.


Kangaroo cutlery napkins

Stop wrapping cutlery in a plain paper napkin!

With this kangaroo, you'll offer an unparalleled experience to your diners, who will feel that your restaurants take care of them and respect them.

These napkins are made so that they have a pocket where you insert the cutlery, increasing hygiene during the service.

Monouso offers you an innovative product at a price that is affordable for all budgets.

A large number of colors and designs will lead your restaurant to set the standard in its sector with these cutlery kangaroo napkins.


Ecological Recycled Napkins

When you arrive at a restaurant and find yourself with 100% recyclable disposable items, you understand that you are dealing with a particular type of people.

A place with this kind of details offers the image of being committed to your present, but also to your future.

It offers the possibility for your customers to feel satisfied, consuming what they want while contributing to the preservation of our planet.

Ecological paper napkins comply with European legislation. Supporting the environmentalist actions that should be promoted from this type of business.


Decorated Paper Napkins

If you want to move to a higher level without stations or intermediaries, decorated napkins are the fuel you need.

Offer your guests the most diverse and beautiful prints on the market.



Among the Monouso offer, you'll find napkins with printed hobbies, newsprint, messages, cashmere, colored lines and squares. We also offer designs of geometric figures, flowers, clocks, landscapes and monuments.

You can find them in a wide range of prices and in quantities from 20 to 6000 units.

As for the sensation it generates, these napkins are soft to the touch. They are characterized by being resistant and absorbent.


Napkin holders

To have a napkin ring is to serve your customers well.

Thanks to the selection of top quality products distributed by Monouso, in this section you will find napkin rings of different materials, sizes and capacity.

No matter what the style of your restaurant is, we are sure to have the ideal napkin ring to offer a differentiating service to all your customers.

Do not hesitate and have a look at our section of Paper and TNT Napkins and Tablecloths, we have a customization service so you can select the Paper Napkin that best suits their needs.

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