Napkin Holder

Napkin holders are, without a doubt, the best option for presenting and offering paper napkins to the customers of your catering business. A practical and simple way to organise and store them and an opportunity to show the personality and style of your establishment.

Our napkin holders are indispensable for the proper functioning of any hospitality business and you can find them made of different materials ranging from bamboo to plastic or stainless steel. Thanks to them, it is extremely hygienic to have a napkin available at any time, as it protects them from external agents.

But what are the advantages of napkin holders and why should we use them in our establishment?

  • Hygiene: you can keep napkins in a perfect state of preservation and cleanliness, thus preventing them from being accidentally stained or damaged.
  • Resistance: they are really difficult to break, as they are made of top quality materials, prepared to withstand knocks and falls.
  • Convenience: it makes it easier to pick up the napkin and to have as many as the clientele needs.
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Napkin holders for the hotel and catering industry

Few situations are more uncomfortable than getting up from the table to get a napkin or having to tell the staff that you need one to clean yourself. After all, paper napkins are disposable and sometimes your customers will need to use an extra one during service.

It is one of those items that you expect to find when you sit down at a table in any bar or café. Napkin rings also serve as a decorative element and should be in keeping with the style of the establishment. In short, they are durable and will accompany you for years, as they are prepared for intensive use and for the constant passage of people and services throughout the day.

  • Extreme quality
  • Long durability
  • All kinds of designs and colours
  • They can completely change the look of your premises
  • Very practical: easy to refill

Paper napkin holder

Individual napkin holders are the perfect holder for paper napkins. As with the materials, there is also a variety of designs. Easy to fill, they save space and time, as you can store your napkins in them and optimise space. They also have a large capacity, so you won't have to constantly replenish them. You will occupy less space without losing capacity.

This way, you will offer a neat image and you will be able to connect better with your clientele without having to make an extra effort. As you know: every detail counts!

Vertical napkin holder

For the classics we have the vertical napkin holder, which is used in many bars and restaurants. These napkin holders are ideal for both bar and table service. They are very comfortable to use and their design is practical and functional. Within this type of napkin holders, you can choose from more classic models such as plastic dispensers or modern napkin holders such as the stainless steel napkin holder, whose resistance and durability is greater.

Following the line of vertical napkin holders, we also have individual wooden napkin holders, which are more resistant and will give your premises a more formal and serious touch. If, on the other hand, you want to give your tables a more original look, a good option is to choose the coloured ones, the perfect napkin holders for parties (birthdays, anniversaries, etc.).

Napkin holder for small napkins

Another type of individual napkin rings are cocktail napkin rings. Their elegant design makes them perfect for any event. This type of napkin holders are very popular in restaurants, hotels and catering and tasting table services. Within this category you can find a very economical option such as the methacrylate napkin holder 10x10 cm or the napkin holder 20x20 cm, which have simple and very practical finishes.

A highly sought-after option by caterers due to their good value for money are also the individual wooden cocktail napkin holders, the perfect allies to provide a good service in pubs or at any event. With this coffee shop napkin holder you ensure you cover a basic need in any establishment and, in addition, give an elegant, sober and clean look.

Paper napkin holder

Buying individual napkin holders such as paper napkin holders or napkin dispensers is crucial for your customers to stay tidy at all times and avoid stains at all costs. These cheap napkin holders, perfect for the classic zigzag paper napkins, offer the possibility to take out one napkin after the other, while allowing convenient transport between the bar and the tables without touching the customers' napkins.

Besides, we all know how important originality is in any self-respecting establishment. Yours should be no less. To make it unique and give it that personal touch, at Monouso we have modern and original napkin holders that adapt to all your needs, both pragmatic and aesthetic.

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