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Do you have a move and a lot of boxes? Do you work in a warehouse or industry where one of the main tasks is the packaging of all kinds of products? At Monouso we are aware of how tedious this task can be and that is why we have created a selection of manual sealers to help you.

  • With brake.
  • For easy and quick closing.
  • Comfortable to use.
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Efficient manual case sealers

Manual case sealers are small machines that allow you to apply adhesive tape easily, quickly and safely. They are the tape dispenser par excellence, as they facilitate the application and cutting of the tape, without having to use scissors or do it manually. They are an essential tool for closing boxes quickly and efficiently. Thanks to their ergonomic and robust design, these machines are ideal for use in production environments or in the packaging and shipping of products.

Do you need to seal your products for shipping or storage? With our manual sealers, you can secure your packaging quickly and easily, saving time and effort in the process.

These tools are especially useful in the industrial and logistics sector, where speed and efficiency are essential. In addition, the seal that is generated is secure and resistant, which guarantees that your products will arrive at their destination in perfect condition.

Advantages of using manual sealers

  • Save time and effort: with a manual sealing machine, you can seal your packaging quickly and efficiently, without the need for time-consuming and labour-intensive hand tools.
  • Perfect fit: these machines offer a perfect and uniform fit of the seal, preventing the seal from peeling off or forming air bubbles.
  • Increased security: by sealing boxes with a manual sealing machine, you ensure that the contents are protected and secure during transport or storage.
  • Versatility: manual sealers are compatible with different types of seals, which makes them a versatile and adaptable solution for different needs.

Manual sealers for businesses

In situations where a high level of security is required in the transport and storage of products, manual sealers are the perfect solution. For example, in the logistics and transport industry, boxes must be securely sealed to ensure that the contents reach their final destination intact. Manual sealers ensure a strong and reliable seal that protects the contents of the box from bumps and jolts during transport.

Manual sealers are also ideal for situations where a large number of boxes need to be closed quickly. They are simple and intuitive to use, allowing fast and efficient sealing without additional effort. This saves time and optimises packaging and shipping processes for all types of companies.

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