Customization of Disposable Items and Packaging:

Print your corporate image on a wide variety of articles and disposable packaging.

What should I do to personalize?

Your personalized orders in 3 steps:

1. Ask for an estimate

Get in touch with us! Send us at info(@) the specifications of what you want to customize and how you want to customize it:

- The product you want to customize (Reference, Size, Material and Color)

- The quantity you want to select (Minimum print quantities vary by product)

- Delivery times

- Your corporate image or what you want to customize (send us a digital file of your logo in vector format .ai or .eps)

- The number of colors you want to print (the number of colors will depend on each product)

2. Get the best offer

Upon receipt of your request, we will respond with an adjusted budget with all the information related to your project: Production, delivery and invoicing.

3. Delivery in record time

Once you have accepted the budget proposal and given your approval to the specifications, the printing will be done as agreed. 

The delivery time, depending on the product and the type of printing, will vary from 2 to 10 weeks.

To request a quote for customization, please contact us at info(@)