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We have a large catalogue of packaging to serve, transport and protect the star product of your hamburger restaurant. We offer tough, flexible options to suit every challenge - from small, medium or large burger sizes to XXL sizes. Buy disposable items for burger bars with quantity discounts and fast 24-hour delivery. For your special recipes we have gourmet burger boxes. In addition to all types of burger packaging, you will find items for serving fried food (fries, nuggets, fingers) or fast food trays.

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Burger Boxes

Fast Food Paper for Baskets

Paper French Fry Bags and Cups

Cardboard Trays for Fried Food

Hamburger Bags

Fried Food Boxes

Food Picks and Skewers

Fast Food Trays

Paper Napkins

Individual Tablecloth 30x40cm and 35x50cm

Pre-Cut Paper Tablecloths 1x1m and 1,2x1,2m

Hamburgers are one of the most popular dishes for home delivery, so your business can't run out of packaging for burgers or for the other products on your menu. Discover in our online shop all kinds of disposable items for burgers.

We offer you the legendary cardboard boxes for burgers with different closures and sizes, a classic that you can't go wrong with. Also cardboard trays, sugar cane or XPP shells or greaseproof bags, in which you can serve both burgers and other types of food: Chips, chicken wings, corn on the cob...

In our catalogue you will find everything you need in disposable bags for:

  • Gourmet hamburger restaurants
  • American restaurants
  • Bars
  • Food trucks
  • Fast food restaurants

In particular, trust Monouso to provide you with the best boxes and packaging for burger bars. There are many to choose from! For example, the ones with double stitch closure or the gourmet ones, two 100% biodegradable Greenuso products that protect your products while offering an excellent presentation.

Or the burger shells made of XPP, recyclable, microwaveable and very durable. You can also find them in sugar cane, recyclable and biodegradable, the most environmentally friendly on the market!

No matter how many tiers your burgers have or how big they are, we have the perfect containers for them. In our shop you will find different sizes for small, medium or large burgers, you set the limits.

For signature products with premium ingredients and multiple tiers, try our boxes with lids in one piece. Your customers will be delighted because their 2-in-1 format, (also plate), will allow them to eat it directly in the container itself.

We know that your restaurant serves a lot more than just delicious burgers. That's why in this section we have put together the most outstanding supplies for your type of establishment.

Which burger is served without fries? The answer is probably almost none, which is why you need fry trays and containers for fries. You can find ours:

  • Grease-proof, so that your customers don't stain themselves with the container.
  • Open or closed format, perfect to serve on the spot or for delivery.
  • Different sizes, to accompany small, medium or large menus.
  • Kraft or colourful printed finishes

Another essential complement for your burger bar are the sauce pots, perfect for ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise or barbecue sauce, among others. They are sturdy and suitable for hot or cold sauces. If you complement them with a matching lid, they are the ideal choice for your home deliveries.

And we didn't forget what you need for your premises! Napkins, individual or pre-cut tablecloths, fast food paper, fast food trays... All the hamburger disposable products you need for a fast and hygienic service in your bar.

Why buy non food supplies for your establishment in Monouso is synonymous of guarantee?

  • We select our products from manufacturers and suppliers with a long tradition.
  • We know the hotel and catering sectors and we know your needs.
  • A strong commitment to innovation, so that you will always find new products that improve your daily work.
  • A catalogue full of sustainable options: recyclable, biodegradable, compostable?
  • Quantity discounts: your bulk purchases at the best prices.
  • Customer service team that accompanies you in your purchases whenever you need it: from the beginning to the end of your purchase.

Monouso, supplier of hamburger restaurant supplies

Your business has very specific needs and characteristics. That's why at Monouso we want to make it easier for you to buy disposable items for hamburger restaurants with a section in which you can cover all these needs. With many advantages! Always the best prices and permanent stock.

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