Cutlery and stirrers

Are you looking for cutlery for your hotel business, restaurant, catering or private events? At Monouso it will be very easy to find the disposable cutlery or reusable cutlery you are looking for. We have a large catalogue of cutlery so that you can choose the one that best suits your functional, aesthetic and ecological needs.

Our cutlery is perfect for offering your customers, or guests, a totally hygienic and personalised experience with spoons, forks, knives, teaspoons and stirrers exclusively for their use. And after use, depending on their material, you can reuse them or dispose of them in the appropriate container for recycling. All clean in a matter of seconds!

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And you may ask, what are the advantages that our disposable cutlery and our reusable cutlery can offer you?

If you are looking for quality alternatives to incorporate into your bar, restaurant or catering service, pay close attention to all the advantages of buying them in our online shop:

What types of cutlery can you find at Monouso?

The manufacturing material is one of the main attributes you should look for when choosing your cutlery. In our shop we have the most popular options for your business. From cheap plastic or reusable plastic cutlery to elegant wooden or bamboo cutlery.

In addition to their materials, they also stand out for their presentation or their functions. Among them, the eco-friendly cutlery sets: spoon, knife and fork, knife, fork and napkin packs, stirrers, etc.

Also the serving cutlery, essential in any buffet or self-service system; the biodegradable skewers for snacks, a sensation in caterings and tasting fairs for their practicality and elegance; or the sheathed stirrers and cutlery, which ensure maximum hygiene for your services, as only the diner will touch theirs. They are perfect to include in your delivery.

A commitment to sustainability

If your business is conscious of caring for the environment and reducing your carbon footprint, ecological cutlery is the best way to meet your goals and transmit your commitment and values to your customers.

Made from 100% vegetable materials such as wood, bamboo or paper, among others, they are biodegradable and recyclable and have a totally natural, minimalist, modern and elegant aesthetic. Their properties include the fact that they are very ergonomic and do not transmit flavours to the food.

In addition, you can always find them at the best prices. What are you waiting for to complete your order? If you need help deciding, contact us! We will be happy to put all our experience at your service.

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