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Paper Bags with Hexagonal Base

There are so many varieties of paper bags that it is often difficult to choose the one that best suits your business. That's why we at Monouso present you with an alternative that won't let you down: paper bags with a hexagonal base.

These bags stand out for their large capacity and resistance, allowing you to carry a good amount of weight safely. In addition, their versatility makes them a perfect option for different types of establishments. The most outstanding feature is their sustainability, since they are made of paper, they are completely recyclable, thus promoting the protection of the environment.

  • Hexagonal base design
  • For all types of businesses
  • They contribute to reduce the environmental impact
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Advantages of hexagonal base paper bags

Isn't it frustrating when your food is ruined and you disappoint your customers due to torn bags? Hexagonal paper bags are the perfect solution! Thanks to their wide base and strong composition, they can carry heavy loads without the risk of tearing, providing stability and higher capacity than square bottom bags. In addition, their suitability for food contact makes them the ideal choice for businesses selling bulk foods, such as fruit or vegetables.

In our catalogue, we offer two varieties: kraft and white paper. Kraft, with its classic brown look, is the favourite choice of many businesses for take-away products. On the other hand, white paper offers a purer, cleaner aesthetic, ideal for those businesses looking for something different and distinguished. With hexagonal paper bags, forget the hassle and give your customers a carefree shopping experience with impeccable presentation.

Why use based hexagonal paper bags?

Hexagonal paper bags are presented as one of the main alternatives to plastic bags. They maintain the same functionalities but with the advantage of being more environmentally friendly due to their materials.

The paper from which these bags are made is a highly resistant material. Specifically, they are made with virgin fibres from forests certified for the responsible management of their resources, so by buying them you will be making a commitment to caring for the environment and fighting against deforestation.

To recycle them you only have to dispose of them in the corresponding paper container to give them a second life or, if the bag is stained with oil or other types of food, it should be disposed of in the organic container.

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