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Turn off the oven, because you've found your bakery packaging expert (we mean it, turn it off and pay attention!). With more than 800 products specialized in the business, at MonoUso we want your creations to be unique. That's why we've prepared a selection of bakery packaging, cake and pie boxes and trays, cupcakes and muffins capsules, baking molds and everything you need to leave your customers stunned or... what the heck! For that you enjoy too! And remember: if you have any doubts, call us and we will place your order.

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What is bakery packaging?

Bakery or pastry containers are made for containing and preserving sweets, bakery products or salty delights. They usually stand out for their creative and eye-catching designs.

Would you like to know more about our bakery packaging? Here you are!

About our pastry packaging

We have tried very hard to offer you a category of quality bakery packaging with a lot of variety. These are some of the characteristics that define our products:

  • Perfect packaging for bakery businesses such as pastry shops, bakeries, confectioneries, cafeterias...
  • Ideal for their use with cakes, pies, cupcakes, desserts, biscuits...
  • We have cardboard, paper, plastic and wood bakery packaging.
  • Cake containers combine well with sustainable products such as biodegradable cups or cardboard plates.
  • Carboard containers are the sustainable choice preferred by bakery professionals
  • Oven, microwave, fridge and freezer- suitable containers


Professional Bakery PackagingEnvases de repostería para profesionales

On MonoUso we are in direct contact with our customers, so we work hard to understand your needs. And of course, a bakery does not require the same confectionery packaging as a pastry shop.

On this section you will find bakery cardboard trays, perfect for displaying sweets and small creations with style and efficiency. However, these same trays will serve perfectly for cafés or restaurants that want to offer dessert tasting.

Another clear example would be our bakery boxes, whose main use is to house cupcakes, muffins and pastries, but they are perfect for presenting pieces of bread in bakeries or even using them to transport portions of salty delights in bars.

¿Para qué puedo usar los envases pastelería?

What can I use the bakery packaging for?

How nice it would be if we all had the same clothes size! Since this is not the case and we know that high confectionery is demanding on artists, at Monouso we have packaging for any creation.

We are proud of our variety of cake boxes, our cupcake capsules in all sizes and colors, our baking molds (it already smells like cake!), the classic pastry boxes (commonly used to store sewing supplies...) and the rest of our extensive catalogue.

However, remember that it is the inside that counts. That is to say: although our packages are designed for a specific product, they can be used for hundreds of purposes. After all, a box is a box. If you need inspiration, contact us!.

Bakery packaging materials

You already know us: we like to bet on variety. But if this is the first time you visit us, you should know that at MonoUso you always have options depending on the services you are looking for:

  • Cardboard bakery packaging are, without a doubt, the superstar of this category. Can a business in this sector be understood without cardboard boxes or paper trays? With this type of packaging we achieve resistance, versatility, sustainability and very competitive prices. In addition, cardboard is perfect for preserving the temperature and freshness of your creations. It never goes out of style!
  • Plastic bakery packaging is no less. In addition to the most affordable prices in the sector, there is an unbeatable resistance and sorted shapes for any type of creation – without forgetting that we have recyclable options or even sustainable bioplastics.
  • Wood bakery packaging is an unstoppable trend. Not only are they perfect for presenting any type of product: they are perfect for withstanding high temperatures, so this material is often used on baking molds.

Ecological bakery packaging

Being ecological is not an objects’ attribute but people’s. However, we want to facilitate a sustainable purchase, so at MonoUso you will find biodegradable, compostable, recyclable, reusable packaging (Watch out! It is important to check the attributes of each product). This means that we work with a large quantity of materials: cardboard, wood, sugar cane, reusable plastic, etc...

If you would like to know more about our organic bakery packaging you can have a look to our organic catalogue or contact us directly.  Envases ecológicos repostería

Can I heat or cool these bakery packages?

If there is something important for pastry packaging is its thermal capacity. Not only must they withstand high temperatures or even freezing, but they must also keep their inside cool and free of humidity.

At Monouso you will find all the available options, always checking each specific case.

Types of bakery packaging

On this category you will find multiple packaging for sweets’ shapes and applications:

  • Cake boxes (closed, with window, squared...)
  • Cupcake boxes
  • Pastry boxes
  • Paper cake bands
  • Paper cake circles
  • Slice containers
  • Bakery packaging with lids (removable, hinged lid...)
  • Etc...

Customized Bakery Packaging

Envases para repostería personalizados

Sometimes betting on quality products is not enough. Sometimes betting on personalized bakery packaging is what differentiates a professional business from an ordinary one. Do you need personalized packaging? At Monouso we offer the possibility of printing your logo on our products (always depending on each specific case).

If so, do not hesitate to contact us to see how we can help you.


Monouso, bakery packaging supplier

Trust is not earned: you work on it. That's why we know that hotel and catering professionals in this sector struggle to find their bakery packaging supplier. At MonoUso we perfectly know and understand your needs. That's why we guarantee:

  • That we will send your bakery boxes in a maximum of 24 hours.
  • Personalized customer service so that you can always choose the packaging you need.
  • The quality and certification of all our products.
  • That we will keep you informed of all our news.


Ideas for bakery packaging

The good thing about the bakery and confectionery world is that creativity is on the rise: there is no such thing as a single-use package and of course our section is full of products with infinite possibilities.

A clear example would be our cake boxes with windows, perfect for presenting sweets, but also perfect for storing any type of object that requires a preview. For example: they can be used as sorting clothes (socks!) boxes, as a toy box or even as gift boxes.

Still haven't made up your mind?

If you still don't know us, it's logical that you still have doubts. Therefore, we invite you to contact us so that you can bet on us. But if you end up being our client, you'd better send us photos of your creations!


Products related to bakery packaging

Candy packaging is within a very specific need, but combines very well with other products. Almost any example of disposable tableware or food packaging would serve as an accompaniment to this category, but perhaps ecological options stand out. So your cake boxes or cupcake capsules will shine if you serve them with biodegradable cups or sugar cane trays - the possibilities are endless!


Bakery Containers are the best way to serve, present, offer and transport the delicious sweets cooked in your business. At MonoUso we offer a wide range of Bakery Packaging and Cake Boxes for gifts: From Cake Trays, Chocolates and Sweets Boxes and Waffle Trays, to Pastry, Cookies and Cakes Boxes, Cupcakes and Muffins Boxes and Cake Boxes. Available in different materials, colors and shapes, we offer you a large selection of Bakery Packaging, where you can find the Confectionery Product that best suits your needs.

From MonoUso we seek to facilitate your purchases on the Internet, for that reason on our website you will be able to easily find all type of bakery related products, as they can be Cupcake Boxes, Cake Trays, Cake Boxes, Waffle Trays, Muffin Molds and a long etcetera that will not leave you indifferent.

Bakery Cardboard Boxes are very important for the staging of pastry products. If you are a confectioner, whether you are a private individual or a professional in the sector, we offer you a wide range of Bakery Packaging, always with excellent finishes to match your creations.

Available in different materials, colors and shapes, we offer you a wide range of Confectionery Disposable Products made up of Plastic Containers for Confectionery and Cake Boxes.

And if what you need is another type of Food Packaging, do not hesitate to check our sections on Plastic Packaging, FOAM Packaging, Cardboard Packaging, Sugar Cane Packaging, Aluminium Packaging and Take Away Packaging.

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