Aesthetic Beauty & SPA

At Monouso we have disposable products for establishments that offer beauty and SPA treatments that will allow you to provide your users with a hygienic, safe and high quality service. In our range of disposable products for beauty therapies you will find everything you need for use in spas, health centres, spas, hospitals or residences. Our beauty care articles include: sheets, underwear, pressotherapy trousers, slippers, towels and kimonos, all of which can be used once, so that every client can use their own wardrobe for the first time.

  • Maximum hygiene
  • Added value for your clients
  • Breathable
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Disposable Bed Sheets

Disposable Kimono

Disposable thongs

Disposable pressotherapy pants

Disposable Towels

Disposable shoes

Disposable boxers

Disposable Surgical Mask

Disposable Gloves

Hand sanitizers

Reusable Hard Plastic Bowls

The cheap aesthetic disposables are specially designed for use in:

  • beauty salons
  • facial and body beauty treatments
  • hair removal and photoepilation appointments
  • spas
  • spas
  • thermal baths
  • thermal baths
  • massage centres
  • spas
  • nail salons

Also in clinics, as they are sometimes used for surgical interventions in which modesty overcomes the patient and they have a double function: not only hygienic, the most obvious one, but they also help to reassure users by providing them with greater security. Therefore, offering this type of complements is an added value for your business, as you will make your clients feel much more comfortable during their sessions. But it is not the only one, far from it.

Why offer disposable underwear in your beauty centre or clinic?

  • Hygiene of the place: complete hygiene is maintained between clients.
  • In case the treatment may stain, the client's clothes are safe.
  • More professional image of the therapy
  • More comfort for the clients (kimonos, slippers)

Monouso aesthetics offers a wide range of disposable thongs, both for men and women, and boxer shorts, perfect for depilation or photoepilation treatments. Made of polypropylene, this fibre fabric ensures that no substances are absorbed, so they always stay dry and free of particles. They have an adjustable strap, are breathable and of the highest quality.

In our catalogue of products for spas and treatment centres, we also have special trousers for pressotherapy sessions, one-size-fits-all, very comfortable and with good breathability.

In addition, you can find slippers in our online shop, slippers that are used in luxury hotels, residences or spas.

Single-usesheets and towels are two products that are a must in your beauty and massage centre. In this way, preparing the rooms between clients will be much easier and quicker. At every appointment, the client gets a new piece of stretcher roll or a new fitted sheet and never comes into direct contact with the stretcher itself. No more worrying about stains on the sheets between bookings, no more laundry afterwards. After use, they are easily recycled.

zapatillas desechables para spa

Monouso, supplier of disposable beauty and spa supplies

Monouso is a specialised supplier of all kinds of articles for beauty and spa businesses. For the professionals of aesthetic centres we present a careful catalogue with everything you may need to give the best service to your clients. Always with the best quality-price ratio and with advantages such as 24-hour delivery or multiple payment methods.

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