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Freezer bags

Freezer bags, made of various types of resistant plastics, are the best way to store food in your freezer.

Many times we need to store food or fruit at sub-zero temperatures, but we don't want this process to end up damaging the food. To help you in this process Monouso presents its line of freezer bags, ideal for storing any food, for months, at extreme cold temperatures.

  • Hermetic seal
  • Withstands low temperatures
  • Preserves food properties
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Practical and resistant: freezer bags

If you are looking for freezer bags that offer high resistance, food safety and airtight seals to protect your food from extreme cold, you will find what you need at Monouso .

Our freezer bags have the following features:

  • Special design for low temperatures
  • Superior resistance
  • Harmless to our food
  • Airtight seal to protect your food from extreme cold

The variety of freezer bags you will find in our shop will offer you these properties and many more.

Freezer bags for the hotel and catering industry

These bags are manufactured using low density polyethylene, a highly resistant polymer that is perfectly suitable for food contact. Not only that, but they are also specially designed to store food both in the fridge and in the freezer, as they withstand low temperatures without altering their characteristics.

These types of bags are ideal for use in the restaurant, hotel and catering sector, as they facilitate the transport of ingredients, frozen food, sauces or creams.

Different models of freezer bags

At Monouso we have several models of transparent freezer bags with strips to write the name of the contents with a felt-tip pen and others with pockets to label the food. We also offer two types of closures: self-closing by pressure, the most traditional, and the slider closure that allows you to open or close the mouth of the bag.

  • Self-closing snap closure: the most traditional closure for this type of plastic bags. It is simply pressed - from one end to the other - to hermetically seal the entire contents.
  • Slider closure: this type of freezer bag contains a device that, by simply moving it, opens or closes the mouth of the bag.

Our plastic bags are available in a wide range of sizes, from 16 cm to more than 30 cm, allowing you to store as much food as you need without any problems.

Visit us at Monouso and discover all our freezer bag options!

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