Drink Straws

Drinking straws are an essential accessory in every hotel and catering establishment. With them your customers can enjoy and share their favourite drinks.

Disposable straws are very light, take up little space for easy storage and are easy to include in your delivery orders so that your customers can enjoy their favourite drinks without any problems. In addition, drinking straws come in a wide range of designs, colours and finishes that will allow you to enhance the decoration of your business presentations.

  • Easy to transport
  • Easy to store
  • Visually appealing
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Paper Drinking straws

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If you are looking to present your drinks in an original, elegant and fun way, you have found the ideal category! The use of biodegradable straws has become so widespread that they have become an indispensable element at celebrations, whatever the occasion. They are rigid and original accessories that will impress your party guests.

Discover our range of drinking straws and let yourself be seduced by a wide variety of sustainable straws that will leave no one indifferent.

Drinking straws

To add a touch of colour and joy to your party, don't hesitate to take a look at our catalogue of disposable straws. These biodegradable straws are the perfect complement for refreshments or for your guests' cocktails, as you can combine them with the decoration of your party or event and, from now on, we assure you that you will achieve absolute success.

Straws are known for their versatility. In fact, they are suitable for a wide variety of drinks. This allows the user to consume smoothies, juices, yoghurts, soft drinks and a long etcetera without the risk of damaging the accessory.

Colourful straws for your parties

Striped, dotted, coloured or black and white, our single-use straws offer a wide variety of designs so that no one is left indifferent when it comes to enjoying their drink. Their use is very versatile, as they are suitable for both children and adults, and will be the perfect accessory to use at events, parties and weddings as well as children's parties.

They can be presented in different ways: on a tray so that your guests can safely and hygienically take their paper straws in a sheath or in a straw dispenser.

The straws in our catalogue will become indispensable in the beverage service of restaurants, bars, cafés, cinemas, pubs, discotheques, ice cream parlours, events and celebrations because in this category you can find the disposable straws that best suit your needs!

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