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Cup Sleeves

Cardboard cup sleeves, also known as cardboard cup covers, easily adapt to the contour of the cups in order to insulate the heat given off by the hot beverage they contain. All advantages so that your customers can take their coffee with them!

Cardboard cup covers are the most comfortable support you can offer your customers when transporting drinks to go, no matter how hot they are. One way or another, buying cup covers for your take away business is essential to provide a complete and quality service.

  • Indispensable for take away beverage service
  • Very practical
  • Insulate from temperature
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If you start using them, your customers won't want you to stop using them. Cardboard cup covers will be your perfect ally for any take away coffee shop service.

Cardboard sleeves, the safe way to take your coffee away

A super simple and practical way to insulate the hands of anyone who wants to enjoy a piping hot coffee without getting burnt.

Made of corrugated cardboard, the cardboard sleeves for cups, their double layer will give extra resistance and will help the contents to be totally insulated from the outside, avoiding burns, maintaining the ideal temperature for much longer and, why not say it, also improving the grip for users.

An essential item for cafés, ice cream parlours, bars and restaurants, make a difference in your premises with our covers!

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