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Paper French Fry Bags and Cups

French fry containers are ideal to complete the presentation of your menu. In our catalogue you will find from French fry boxes to fry cartons or French fry cups: different models for a common service.

With various sizes to choose from, our potato chip boxes are ideal for your fast food business, whether for on-site consumption, delivery or take away. Our models adapt to your small, medium or large menu service with different sizes.

  • Grease and oil resistant materials
  • Different sizes to suit small, medium and large menus.
  • Open and closed containers for transporting Chips
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The perfect packaging for your chips

French fries boxes are ideal for presenting your product in a different and convenient way for your customer. For this reason, at Monouso we offer different types of packaging for French fries, such as the french fries box or the closed box for French fries.

Cardboard packaging for French fries will help to maintain the temperature and flavour of your product so that it does not lose its crispy touch. These fry cartons are the perfect addition to your fast food or food truck business. In addition, you can also have your fries packaging branded with your logo to enhance your brand image and differentiate yourself from your competition.

Deep fried foods are foods that have been immersed in oil at high temperatures. Therefore, the oily layer that coats their surface undoubtedly hides the secret of their taste. There are countless ingredients that can be fried. Thus, fryer packaging must be adapted to be able to preserve any variant. This is why we use a wide range of materials.

Cardboard packaging for French fries

Cardboard packaging for French fries adapts to the shape of any product. This is because they are very robust and flexible. In addition, they have grease-proof properties that prevent customers from staining and preserve the taste of oily foods. They also come in different designs and finishes, among them, the one most chosen by catering professionals is kraft. This is not surprising, as its smooth, natural surface enhances the virtues of the food while adding a touch of prestige to the establishment.

The paper we use for our food cartons is affordable and very easy to handle. That is why it is a very light and simple material that allows for quick and effective wrapping. Because of this and its grease-proof properties, it is the perfect choice for enjoying a fried snack on a walk.

Plastic crisp packaging

The plastic of our disposable fry containers perfectly preserves the taste and temperature of the food. It is a highly hygienic material because it makes it difficult for microorganisms to grow, which is why it is highly recommended for food use. In addition, the plastic crisp container is light and shock resistant, so your customers will be able to transport it comfortably without fear of dropping it.

It has become clear that frying is a very versatile cooking technique. For this reason, the materials used in French fry boxes must be capable of preserving the unique qualities that reside in each ingredient. Therefore, at Monouso we have a large number of containers for take away service that will keep your food in perfect condition, the ideal potato chip boxes!

Containers for chips and all kinds of fried foods

As we have been taught in many American food programmes, you can fry almost any food. Meat. Fish. Vegetables. Whatever its composition, dip it in boiling oil (best with some batter) and you can be sure it will be delicious. So it's no wonder that crisp boxes have a thousand different uses. In order to make it easier for you to find the right one for you, here is a list of the most common ones:

  • Fry containers for fast food establishments.
  • Fry containers for food trucks
  • Fry packaging for take-away food businesses
  • Fry packaging for street stalls
  • Fry packaging for parties
  • Fry packaging for restaurants

Have you ever tasted soft chips? Believe us, it's an experience we wouldn't recommend to anyone. In order to avoid this situation, our fry containers are grease-resistant, so that the oil stays on the food and not on the surface. In addition, their materials do not alter the taste of the product. Your customers won't be able to believe that such juicy food exists.

French fries. Vegetable tempura. Onion rings. Each one has a different shape and size, but there is one thing that unites them, they are delicious. No wonder your diners want to enjoy these endless sources of flavour in the warmth of their own home. That's why our crisp containers are light and sturdy, making them easy to move around in. In addition, several of our models have lids or closures, so that your food will be safe at all times.

Undoubtedly, fries stand out visually from the rest of the food. Their outer finish, usually browned by the oil, captures the attention of any customer. For this reason, disposable food packaging highlights the best qualities of your products. This is because their different patterns and styles, such as kraft, are designed to give a handcrafted and elaborate look to any food.

Wholesale crisp boxes

Customers tend to choose establishments that make choices according to their concerns. According to research, 44% of shoppers say they consider the sustainability of the packaging materials in which they receive their food in their delivery orders.

In order to meet this growing demand, at Monouso we have a large catalogue of wholesale crisp boxes at the best prices. Your diners will not hesitate to eat in an establishment that is committed to sustainability.

French fries containers

Nobody can question the beauty of a good frying. That thin golden film that forms thanks to the caramelisation of the carbohydrates is worthy of being portrayed by the best painters. For this reason, your containers must be able to raise its visual characteristics to the highest level. To this end, we offer you an extensive catalogue of shapes and styles of fry containers:

French fry containers are the packaging par excellence for any take-away or fast food business. Their open design allows for easy transfer of food from the fryer or frying pan to the container. They are also incredibly useful as they can store all kinds of food: cheese sticks, falafel, sweet potato chips, etc....

And not only that, we also have models with lids to keep your products safe at all times. As we mentioned earlier, fried foods are very visually appealing. We all know that the first bite is taken with the eyes, which is why our fry containers feature a clear plastic window. Your customers won't be able to resist repeating your amazing fries.

Monouso, supplier of packaging for French fries and crisps

According to studies, the consumption of take away food(delivery and take away) has increased by 30% in recent years. Thanks to this, the sales of catering establishments like yours have grown.

At Monouso we trust in the great work being done by catering professionals. For this reason, we have decided to help them by being their trusted supplier of fried food packaging. Therefore, we offer a wide variety of boxes for frying:

  • Novelty cardboard packaging for Chips.
  • Kraft cardboard boxes with window for French fries
  • Customised chip boxes
  • French fries tray
  • French fries cups
  • French fries cartons
  • French fries serving containers
  • Cardboard plates for french fries
  • Closed cardboard containers for fries
  • Disposable cardboard containers for french fries

At Monouso we support the efforts made by workers in the catering industry. For this reason, we have at your disposal an extensive catalogue of packaging for Chips. We are specialists in the sale of packaging for french fries.

Frying is part of many culinary cultures. Moreover, it is estimated to have thousands of years of tradition. Historians say that the ancient Egyptians were already frying food using animal fats. The Romans also used olive oil to prepare their version of fried chicken.

As you have seen, this technique has come a long way. Today, it is the basis of many take-away food businesses around the world. For this reason, at Monouso we want to provide disposable frying containers to caterers who need them. With them your diners will taste years and years of flavours in one bite.

Do you want to know more about fry containers? Contact us!

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