BO-PP Cellophane Bags with Euro Slot

Bioriented PP plastic bags with adhesive flap and euro slot are perfect for storing products and hanging them on a shelf for sale or display.

These bags allow the customer to see perfectly the product they contain, are easy to open and close, and are made of highly resistant and permeable polypropylene.

  • Adhesive closure
  • Ready to hang on linear displays.
  • Transparent
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Practical cellophane bags with euro slot

If you are looking for a practical and resistant option for packaging your products, we present the BO-PP cellophane bags with adhesive flap and euro slot. Why are they an excellent choice? We'll tell you below.

Their particular format with adhesive flap and euro slot makes them stand out from the rest of the bags. The small hole at the top is specially designed and will allow you to easily insert the bag on the shelves of shops and supermarkets. This hanging system is very useful for the display of products at the point of sale, as a neat and attractive presentation is achieved. In addition, the flap can be kept with adhesive at the opposite end, making it easy to open and allows for a secure, airtight seal, protecting the contents of the bag from damage or external contamination.

Wide range of cellophane bag sizes

As far as sizes are concerned, these bags have a very versatile format. On our website you can buy large cellophane bags, but smaller sizes predominate. So you can find the perfect size for your products, from small jewellery to bulky products. And because they are made from this type of material, these bags are completely transparent, allowing you to see the contents clearly and attractively.

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