PE Plastic Bags without ZIP Lock

Looking for a convenient way to package small food items such as sweets or nuts? In our shop we have a wide range of bags and wrappings, among which you will find the range of low-density polyethylene plastic bags without zips in different sizes and prices. With them, you can store all kinds of products, including food with total peace of mind.

Enter and find the transparent polyethylene bag that best suits your needs and close it as you prefer.

  • Versatile: for all types of items
  • Semi-crystalline
  • High flexibility
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PE Plastic Bags without ZIP Lock - perfect for storage

Polyethylene bags play a very important role in any professional or domestic activity.

Today, we would like to introduce you to our non-sealable PE polyethylene bags, a perfect solution for those who are looking for a convenient and practical way to store and transport small foodstuffs of all kinds.

Specifically, low density polyethylene plastic bags without zips can be your ally for storing a wide range of products. These bags are very versatile in terms of the different items they can hold, although they are most commonly used for food products.

For products and objects: non-sealable polyethylene bags

With these transparent polyethylene bags, semi-crystalline, resistant and highly flexible, you can neatly store food products such as sweets, nuts and vegetables, but also small toys, spare parts, small parts, screws and a long etcetera of products of any type. A whole world of options at your fingertips depending on the size of the bag you choose? And there are 14 of them!

It is a convenient, practical, easy to close and quick way of storage.

Shall we tell you how you can close them? They can be conveniently closed with a loop, a knot or even a plastic tie, ensuring that food is kept fresh and safe at all times. Definitely quality clear polyethylene bags at a great price.

If these non-sealable PE bags don't fit your needs, at Monouso you'll find a wide variety of plastic bags bags that are sure to fit the bill.

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