Paper Tablecloth

Disposable tablecloths and reusable tablecloths are a must in the hospitality industry, offering practicality, hygiene and versatility. At Monouso, their wide variety of designs and customised options suit any event and style of restaurant, allowing you to elevate the customer experience in a unique way.

The convenience of use, combined with a hygienic barrier and the ease of maintaining a clean environment, make these hospitality tablecloths a key choice for any food and beverage establishment. Discover at Monouso bespoke options that will bring an original and attractive touch to your catering business!

  • Easy to handle when setting up and taking down
  • Visually appealing: a touch of distinction for your dining room
  • Hygienic and recyclable
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There is no doubt that paper tablecloths are a must-have addition to any hospitality business! With practicality, cleanliness and impeccable aesthetics, disposable paper tablecloths, TNT disposable tablecloths and Monouso reusable tablecloths are perfectly suited to any event and restaurant. You will be surprised to discover our exclusive designs and customised options, ideal for moments of use you may not have considered. Browse our collection and find the perfect solution for your business!

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Disposable tablecloths

Disposable tablecloths have great advantages for the hotel, restaurant and catering industry:

  • They are economical
  • They save you time
  • Completely hygienic
  • Wide variety of designs
  • Add an elegant touch to your venue
  • Allow you to personalise the ambience for special events

Although you may associate paper tablecloths with the classic white tablecloth, the models you can get at Monouso go much further. To start with, you can choose from various sizes: for one guest, in roll format or pre-cut in different sizes, such as paper tablecloths 100x100 or 120x120.

Whatever the size, you have eco-friendly options at your fingertips. If you are giving (or want to give) an eco-friendly character to your business, our recycled paper tablecloths for restaurants, and catering in general, can become an essential element for your business.

Disposable tablecloths for the catering industry

Having options that allow you to quickly set and clear tables in bars is essential. In addition, with these utensils you ensure that the customer is constantly touching the surface they are touching, which is why these paper tablecloths are a guarantee of confidence, both for you and for the diner.

If you are a classic, in our shop you can find plain hospitality tablecloths, the typical checkered cut model, or the recognisable designs on which you can read "bon appetit".

Do you want to buy more innovative paper tablecloths for restaurants? You have at your disposal alternatives with newspaper design, floral tablecloths and models with an endless number of textures that are suitable for any situation that may occur in the HORECA channel (hotels, restaurants and catering).

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Disposable party tablecloths 

You have already seen how easy it can be to buy paper tablecloths online with customised designs for each venue. However, the customisation of these one-use tablecloths also makes them the perfect option for all kinds of parties and events.

At Monouso you can find disposable tablecloths for elegant, more informal, themed parties... you have more than 25 colours to choose your plain or printed tablecloth, and you even have perfect models of paper tablecloths for children's birthdays, weddings, Halloween or Christmas.

If we are talking about organising events, you are not only going to need these paper tablecloths, but you are also going to need models that are totally different from each other, and for this, Monouso is your best wildcard.

You can buy cheap paper tablecloths that hang down to the floor for more formal catering, or a wide variety in rolls perfect for the long tables that are present at these events.

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We have a wide range of paper tablecloths for sale. Find out now! We offer free transport with 24 hour delivery. Take advantage of all available tableware, such as plastic plates, plastic cups and plastic cutlery.

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Reusable tablecloths

Reusable tablecloths are the latest eco-friendly trend taking the tableware world by storm! Say goodbye to disposable tablecloths and welcome a world of colour, style and sustainability. Made with resistant and durable materials.

Want to surprise your guests with unique and bold designs? Reusable tablecloths have what you need! Forget the monotony of single-use tablecloths and explore a wide range of colours and patterns to match your style and décor. Plus, by choosing them, you'll be actively contributing to reducing waste and taking care of our planet. It's time to put an eco-friendly spin on your meals and events with these tablecloths that are as versatile as you are!

Personalised tablecloths

You can choose from a range of colours that allow you to buy personalised disposable or reusable tablecloths for all kinds of situations, such as weddings, christenings or communions.

Discover original, beautiful and elegant paper tablecloths for the hospitality industry. With lots of colours to choose from!

Coloured paper tablecloths

Leave behind the white paper tablecloths and dare to combine your table linen for catering with the style you prefer or according to the occasion! At Monouso, we have a wide variety of options for you. From tablecloths in vibrant shades like blue, orange, green, pink, purple, red and brown, to metallic colours like the elegant gold paper tablecloth, the most glamorous of our assortment!

Cheap personalised tablecloths

Best of all, you can personalise events with our tablecloths without spending a fortune. Our offer includes beautiful paper tablecloths or TNT tablecloths, with trendy prints and in a wide range of colours. And the most amazing thing is that you will always find the cheapest prices at Monouso. Looking to save even more? Take advantage of our bulk discounts. It's time to add a unique and affordable touch to your hospitality table linen!

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