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Pizza Boxes

Pizza boxes are containers made to preserve, protect, preserve and transport the famous Italian dish famous for its dough and melted cheese. Made of cardboard, pizza boxes easily adapt to the shape and size of the portions served.

Despite their high strength, they are light in weight, allowing diners to transport your products comfortably and safely. In addition, when you buy pizza boxes in our shop for your delivery service, you ensure that the packaging does not alter the flavour of the food. This way, your customers can enjoy the essence of the delicious melted cheese and the rest of the ingredients with their original flavour.

  • Easy to transport: hygienic and safe
  • Maintain the temperature of the pizzas for longer.
  • Versatility: square boxes, portion wedges, trays...
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Sturdy and ecological cardboard pizza boxes

Do you want your pizzas to reach their recipients in perfect condition and at the same time help to protect the environment? We have the perfect solution for you! In our Monouso shop you will find the best cardboard pizza boxes, with which you can transport your pizzas in a safe and sustainable way.

The pizza box guarantees that you can send your pizzas with complete peace of mind to your customers' homes without your masterful creations losing their quality. Pizza boxes insulate the outside temperature and keep the heat in, so they will arrive in the hands of your customers as if they had just come out of the oven.

Pizza boxes

Our take-away pizza boxes are easy to assemble and convenient to transport. They take up very little space in the kitchen and are sturdy so your delivery drivers will have no problem transporting them to your customers.

Margarita. Carbonara. Barbecue. Four Cheese. Four Seasons. Hawaiian (yes, some people order them with pineapple, so you probably have it on your menu). There are many varieties of pizza. Both in terms of ingredients and types of dough. It is not surprising, therefore, that there are also different types of pizza containers to take away.

Our product range is wide, you will find:

  • Cardboard pizza boxes
  • Kraft pizza boxes
  • Personalised pizza boxes
  • Pizza table or pizza tripods
  • Cardboard pizza wedges

Cheap pizza boxes

In addition to presenting you with a catalogue full of sturdy, ecological and very practical pizza boxes, we do it at the best prices! Get great discounts on your wholesale purchases and supply your business with unbeatable value for money.

Buying cheap pizza boxes is the most profitable way to start your home delivery or local collection business, and also do it with all the guarantees.

These cheap pizza boxes, with the best prices on the net, do not lose their consistency in contact with oils and liquids, which means that no matter what sauces you use or how much cheese you cover your pizzas with, they will last in perfect condition until they reach your customers. Even the pineapple ones.

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