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Paper bags for coffee and tea

There is nothing better in the morning than a good cup of coffee or tea, but what are the most recommended bags for storing this type of product? At Monouso we have created a selection of our best bags to preserve these types of products in the safest and most hygienic way possible.

  • Anti-leakage: avoid your coffee or infusions to leak out of the bag thanks to its zip closure and adhesive tape.
  • Elegant design: enjoy the design of our doypack bags, standup bags and SOS bags with window, which will allow you to keep your coffee or infusions under control at all times.
  • Easy to use and transport: put your coffee beans or infusion preparations inside, close the bags quickly and easily and take them with you wherever you go.
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Bags for coffee beans or tea

Transporting or storing coffee or tea can be tedious if you don't have a dedicated container. However, there is a much simpler and more convenient solution: paper bags for coffee and herbal teas.

They are moisture resistant so they will prevent your coffee beans or herbal teas from spoiling. In fact, they even have an inner lamination that will help preserve the original aroma and flavour of your products.

The main advantage of our selection is their spaciousness. We have bags in all sorts of sizes and shapes that are sure to suit your needs. Thanks to their design, they are very easy to store and transport and are one of the best solutions for the preservation and transport of coffees and infusions. If you still have any doubts, here are the main advantages of our paper coffee bags:

  • They are environmentally friendly and can be easily recycled.
  • They offer excellent protection against moisture.
  • Allow for an attractive and elegant presentation of your drinks.
  • Easy to store and transport thanks to their lightweight and compact design.
  • They are a cost-effective solution for storing and transporting your favourite beverages.

Recycle paper coffee bags

Don't forget to dispose of any and all waste generated by drinking coffee or herbal teas in the appropriate container. Plastic and, above all, paper bags for coffee and herbal teas, which, despite having an inner lamination and window, are recyclable. Just dispose of them in the appropriate container and you can give all this waste a second useful life.

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