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PE Plastic ZIP Lock Bags with Write on Label

Self-sealing Plastic Bags and Writing Bands are the perfect way to store and label all kinds of products, including food. There are a variety of sizes available, find the one you need here. Zippered bags with writing strips are a very efficient way of storing and transporting products. This type of plastic bag has an airtight closure and white bands to write information that identifies the content.

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Our ZIP Plastic Bags with Writing Bands are bags made of polyethylene, flexible, resistant, waterproof, semi-transparent and inert to the content.

These self-sealing bags, practical and versatile, are perfect for storing a wide variety of products, and also totally suitable for food use, with a gauge or thickness is 200 (0.05 mm).

The self-closing system is zip or hermetic, comfortable, safe and easy to use. It is a plastic bag that resists low temperatures well, so it can be used for storage in refrigerators or cold stores.

You can store small or medium portions of food of all kinds. This way you will have your refrigerated area tidy and with everything identified. Very useful for use in bar and restaurant kitchens, but also for home use.

They are Polyethylene Bags with self-closing and writing bands highly recommended for storing all kinds of medium sized items. For example, it is widely used in hospitals to identify patients' medication. Inside the bags you introduce the pills and in the writing bands you can indicate the dose and the name of the patient. A very effective and safe method of providing health care.

PE bags with ZIP closure and writing strips are ideal for storing product samples and in general, for any type of object such as spare parts, hardware, buttons, batteries, jewelry beads, etc. The writing strips are perfect for indicating references and the number of units contained in the bag. A very visible and functional way to identify and store items.

These ZIP plastic bags are ideal for storing samples of products and are a perfect storage solution for professional or home use. Their applications are multiple, why not bet on them?

In MonoUso there are 11 different sizes available.  Enter and find the one that fits your needs.

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