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Hot Dog Containers

Hot dog containers are containers designed to protect and safely carry foods whose shape requires a stable grip, such as hot dogs. They are usually made of materials such as paper, cardboard or sugar cane. Because of this, hot dog boxes are grease-resistant, so no matter if your customers are ketchup- or mustard-heavy, stains won't get through.

A packed car park hours before the big game. Barbecues lit. Meat smoking. Fans gathering around a roaring fire. Hot dogs represent much more than just food. They are a symbol of friendship and brotherhood. Sharing a hot dog in company turns a passing experience into an unforgettable memory and an acquaintance into a friend.

Hot dogs have a perfect structure: bun, meat, sauce, toppings... to become this representation of affection, they need their components to be in complete balance. That's why our disposable hot dog containers take care of keeping your ingredients in the right conditions.

  • Hot dog trays, trays and hot dog boxes
  • Different designs for take away and delivery
  • Grease-proof materials
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Practical hot dog packaging

Do you have a hot dog business and are looking for a way to keep your products in perfect condition for your customers? At Monouso you will find all kinds of hot dog packaging, designed to meet your needs and those of your customers.

And because we know that every hot dog is unique, we offer a wide variety of carriers and packaging to keep your products intact and looking great. Whether you offer an on-premise service or a delivery or take-away service, our packs are suitable for every need.

Hot dog containers are containers for preserving, covering, moving and serving food, usually fried or fast food related. After having taken a look at our hot dog packaging catalogue, you are ready to get to know their main qualities. Let's get to it!

Hot dog containers

The recipes for this American classic vary from city to city to suit the typical dishes and tastes of the local diners. The same applies to the materials used in our packaging. That's why the components we work with are tailored to the needs of the different types of hot dogs:

  • The paper of our paper hot dog wrappers is easy to store and offers quick handling, so you can serve a large number of customers without any hassle. What's more, it has grease-proof properties, so your customers won't have to worry about the amount of mustard - they won't see a speck! And its qualities don't end there, the hot dog packaging is also recyclable and very lightweight. This, coupled with its usual open design, makes it easy to move around.
  • The cardboard used for the hot dog packaging is robust and adapts perfectly to the shape of the product. Despite its rigid structure, it is incredibly light, which makes it perfect for convenient and safe transport. In addition, its kraft finish adds a handmade touch that increases the notoriety of your establishment.
  • Monouso's plastic hot dog containers are very hygienic and are highly recommended for food use. Their surface makes it difficult for micro-organisms to spread. It also retains heat and resists moisture, so your hot dogs will retain their flavour and freshness for hours. Thought we were done? Our disposable hot dog containers are shock-resistant and have sealing flaps, so even if it falls on the floor it will retain its structure without any problems.
  • Our sugar cane hot dog packaging for hot dogs is completely biodegradable and perfect as a sustainable alternative. They are resistant to water and grease, which are essential qualities if you want your customers to enjoy a well-filled hot dog. In addition, they withstand high temperatures and retain the flavour of the food, so your customers can enjoy your hot dogs as if they had just come out of the fire.

At Monouso we have hot dog containers made of different materials. Guacamole. Fried onion. Pickles. Cheese. Pico de gallo. No matter what toppings your hot dog has, our products will preserve them perfectly.

It's clear how important it is for your business to know the qualities of each material. But what are hot dog containers for? Well, the truth is that they have an infinite number of uses, from wrapping them for a street stall to serving as a presentation plate for other foods. We could get lost among their uses, so here is a list of the most important ones:

  • Hot dog packs for take away businesses
  • Hot dog packaging for barbecues
  • Hot dog packaging for events
  • Hot dog packaging for fast food establishments
  • Hot dog packaging for children's parties

The basis of a good hot dog starts with a half-opened bun and succulent meat. From there the world is full of possibilities. A little mustard and ketchup. Radish. Onions. Beans. Endless layers upon layers of deliciousness. Want your customers to taste the refined flavour of each ingredient? Our hot dog packs will perfectly preserve the freshness and qualities of your food. Your guests will be speechless!

Some people prefer to enjoy their hot dog in giant size and with extra chilli. But how do you carry it without it falling apart? The disposable hot dog containers with sealing flaps are so secure that they will hold the foundations of even the most elaboratehot dog. What's more, the hot dog containers we work with are greaseproof and stain resistant. So no matter what combination of toppings you top it with, none will be able to get through.

Tasting a freshly made hot dog while strolling should be considered a world heritage site. Do you want your customers to walk the path of taste as well? Monouso's disposable hot dog containers are incredibly light and easy to transport. What's more, they adapt easily to the shape of the bun you use. With them, your guests will be able to make any trip a delight.

Eco-friendly hot dog packaging

Customers are increasingly asking questions such as: Where does the food in this establishment come from? How is the preparation process? Does this place pollute a lot? All these questions are very relevant when choosing an establishment to dine in.

As a restaurateur, you must take care to provide the right answers to satisfy the demand for information from your esteemed diners. According to studies, 56% of European consumers consider it important that packaging materials are recyclable. Opting for the use of sustainable alternatives will open the doors of your business to a large audience.

At Monouso we have a range of eco-friendly hot dog packaging that you can use to buy hot dog boxes and packaging to please your most discerning customers.

Packaging, trays and plates for hot dogs

There are no limits to good taste. That's why hot dogs can be enjoyed on a main street corner as well as in a restaurant. To get the best experience no matter the location, we have different forms ofhot dog packaging .

  • Looking to satisfy as many customers as possible? The semi-open hot dog bags in our shop are affordable and extremely efficient. This is because their simple design allows food to be wrapped in seconds. Not only that, but they are also grease-proof and lightweight, so your diners will be able to enjoy their meal comfortably and without incident.
  • If your establishment's hot dogs are not only loaded with flavour but also with ingredients, we have the perfect option. Our range of cardboard trays, wedges and trays for hot dogs fit securely to the shape of the bun. Thanks to the strength and flexibility of the material, they provide a comfortable and secure grip for your food. In addition, they come in various finishes, including kraft, which will make your products stand out with their natural, handcrafted surface.
  • Want your hot dogs to stay tasty for longer? Our hot dog containers with sealing flaps preserve the flavour for long periods of time. As they are made of plastic or sugar cane, they retain heat and moisture, thus perfectly preserving the freshness of the food. In addition, they are recommended for food use as their surface makes it difficult for micro-organisms to grow. And it doesn't end there, they are also shock-resistant and spill-proof, making them extra safe to transport.
  • Need to rest your hot dogs on the counter while you finish an order? Cardboard hot dog holders are the perfect solution. Try them out!

As you can see, the shape of the disposable hot dog containers is incredibly important depending on the characteristics of your business and clientele. At Monouso we offer a wide variety of designs and shapes of hot dog containers to please everyone.

Hot dog trays

Try our hot dog trays and hot dog wedges to know what it's like to eat in comfort and without worrying about stains. Your customers won't want any other, as it will provide them with a convenient and practical way to transport their hot dogs. So that you can offer them all kinds of options, we have hot dog trays, hot dog containers and hot dog wedges.

Monouso hot dog trays are the most suitable for your business, ideal for fast food establishments. That's why we offer you the cardboard hot dog tray and the hot dog wedge, both of which ensure maximum convenience!

Our hot dog containers are available in red print or kraft cardboard. You can also have your cardboard hot dog tray with your logo, so you stand out from the crowd. With our hot dog trays they will be sure to come back for more.

Monouso, supplier of hot dog take away boxes

The takeaway market is growing all the time. According to studies, 41% of consumers have become accustomed to buying take away products on a regular basis. Are you looking for a hot dog packaging supplier? At Monouso we have different types of disposable hot dog containers that will reach your diners' homes without any problems:

  • Greaseproof paper hot dog containers
  • Plastic hot dog containers
  • Cardboard hot dog containers
  • Sugar cane hot dog containers
  • Hot dog trays
  • Disposable hot dog plates
  • Hot dog wedges
  • Hot dog trays

We know that the increase in the number of consumers is a great help for the catering industry. This increase in the number of customers also implies a greater effort. At Monouso we want to take some of that burden off your shoulders. Therefore, we have an extensive catalogue of disposable hot dog containers and take away snack packs that will allow your customers to enjoy your products anywhere.

Do you want to know more about customised take away containers? Contact us!

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