Paper Bags

Have you come here looking for the perfect paper bags for your business? Great! At Monouso you can buy paper bags of all kinds. In our catalogue, with more than 500 references, you'll find bags for countless uses: paper bags for shops and shops, food, gifts... and of course, this means you'll find countless formats. Luckily, we are sure to have the bag you need.

Our paper bags stand out for being:

  • Elegant and functional
  • Easy to store
  • Recyclable
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Economical paper bags for shops

Nowadays, paper bags are the number one ally of all types of businesses: catering, parcels, retail, etc. That's why we have prepared one of our best pages to present you our huge catalogue. That's why we have prepared one of our best pages to present you our huge catalogue. Buying paper bags has never been so easy.

First of all, we want to explain why you will find cheap paper bags here. Take a look!

  1. Because we have been in the sector for more than 10 years and our experience allows us to adjust our margins.
  2. Because we work with top suppliers you can trust. The kind that is built up little by little.
  3. Because we do not inflate our catalogue. We only sell what we know you need.
  4. Because... you deserve it! Well, because you deserve it and because we want your trust.

We are experts in wholesale paper bags and we're here to prove it to you.

Paper bags for food

As you would expect, the vast majority of our stock are paper bags for food (we are Monouso, what did you expect?) totally compatible with food packaging.

Here you will find everything from paper bags for food, with different sizes and formats, to food-certified bags (for those who can't wait to open the packaging!).

If you need help deciding on your food bag model, contact us and we'll give you a hand.

Recyclable paper bags

Recycled paper bags have a great finish. That's why these recycled paper bags are suitable for multiple activities.

This product is one of the most used in all types of commerce and its use is becoming more and more fashionable as it is one of the best ways to tell your customers that sustainability is one of your objectives. And believe us, this concern is growing...

White paper bags

After analysing our data, it's clear to us that you love white paper bags. We could come up with 20 solid reasons, but the reason is more or less clear: white is a colour that doesn't steal the limelight from the content. So, going for white is a great idea for food, gifts, clothes or anything that stands out. If you go for white kraft paper bags on top of that, you might get a double effect.

And well, if you are one of those people who don't even see white... you might be interested to know that we have black kraft paper bags. The thing is to have a complete catalogue!

Kraft paper bags

In case you didn't know what a kraft paper bag is we want to explain it to you. Kraft is a brown packaging paper with a higher resistance than other similar materials. The main advantage is that we help our world and that is why it is so popular with all our customers.

Kraft paper bags are also known as brown paper bags. The very term kraft comes from German and Swedish and means strength (these Germans know what they are talking about). These bags are made with a composition that manages to withstand a greater weight that is not achieved with other types of conventional paper.

Moreover, clearly speaking, buying kraft paper bags is a global trend. This is no joke. Take a look at your favourite series and admire the natural colour of the most popular bags.

Cheap kraft paper bags

Again? Yes, again: we have the cheap kraft paper bags you've been looking for. We've worked like crazy to find the perfect mix of quality, strength and pocket-friendliness that you need.

We know that as one of the most popular options, many have taken advantage of this to inflate the market. Not us.

The economic price of kraft paper bags is adjusted as much as possible to make it as attractive as possible for you. Or in other words: so that you will soon become part of our family.

Cardboard bags

Due to its texture and natural colour, this product is also called cardboard bags. However, although we use this synonym, most of the time sturdy cardboard bags are synonymous with kraft.

So what does it matter? Well, we want you to know all the details, so you can make your purchase with confidence.

Paper bags

What's better in this world than receiving a little something wrapped in a paper bag? Well, it's clear: receiving something tasty in a small paper bag.

It's not just that the mini format is extremely adorable: it's that it makes the inside stand out. So, we're not going to recommend that you store your jewellery in a mini paper bag (which, hey, we don't blame you either), but we do remind you that buying small paper bags is a recipe for success.

Kraft paper bags

The bag party can't be without the gallant kraft. That's why, at the bag party, don't miss the small kraft paper bags.

We have already told you about the wonders of going for the mini format. Imagine if you go for a product with a beautiful natural colour, a pleasant touch and, why not: the smell of handicraft.

Small kraft paper bags are one of our favourite products, and we want it to be that way for you.

Cheap shop bags

In this product selection you will find a selection of cheap shop bags compatible with all types of shops. This is because paper is a material that adapts to the situation due to its characteristics. Thus, these bags will be perfect as:

  • Garment shop bags
  • Bags for gift shops
  • Boutique bags
  • Personalised shop bags

At Monouso we have prepared a large permanent stock to be a supplier of bags for shops and businesses, so that you can have your product quickly and efficiently.

More than bags at Monouso!

We've decided to stop, because we're distracting you from diving on the web, but... we have a lot of bags! You can find from cheap paper bags for weddings to printed paper bags.

In addition, we remind you that at Monouso you will find interesting products such as our disposable cutlery, at an unbeatable price, or our cake boxes, one of our most competitive products.

All of them are 100% compatible with our paper bags. Take a look at the countless product pages and study your options. If you don't find what you're looking for: give us a call. It's as easy as that. We look forward to hearing from you!

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