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Center Pull Paper Roll

Going to the toilet in a restaurant and not having any paper roll to dry yourself can be a bigger problem than it seems. After all, it is necessary for all types of personal hygiene, and not having paper available can completely spoil your customers' experience in your business. Our hand wiping paper rolls are characterised by the following features:

  • Specially designed for effective drying of hands or surfaces.
  • Great absorption capacity and high resistance thanks to its materials and design.
  • Ideal for maximum cleanliness and hygiene.
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Versatile paper rolls

Hand wiping paper rolls are perfect for businesses that work with substances that can often soil and stain, such as car repair shops, restaurants, industries, hospitals, petrol stations, hotels, etc.

These reels are a must in any type of washroom, kitchen or hand washing area. They offer an exceptional feeling of customer care and are characterised by their high absorbency and softness.

Industrial hand towel rolls and disposable paper towels are a must-have in any business. Thanks to their materials and design, they are the ideal companion for both hand and surface drying.

Within our selection you will find paper rolls ideal for cleaning both people and the business itself. They are very practical as they do not give off lint when rubbed on the surfaces you want to clean and have a good resistance to water, so they do not fall apart when you try to dry liquids.

Center pull paper roll to prevent viruses

These rolls are ideal for high traffic areas such as restaurants, hospitals, schools and offices. With superior absorbency, our paper rolls will allow you to dry quickly and efficiently, reducing the risk of spreading germs.

At Monouso, we understand the importance of hygiene and convenience in any environment, and our hand towel rolls have been specifically designed to meet these requirements. Don't run out and make your customers or guests enjoy a pleasant and comfortable experience!

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