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  • Speed: we always work with permanent stock. Therefore, if the product is available, it will be shipped directly from our logistics centre.

  • Competitiveness:: we have an extensive catalogue, which allows us to offer a wide variety and economic prices to both professionals and individuals..

  • Reliability: our products are fully certified and undergo strict quality controls.

  • Customer Success: We have a close and available customer service team that will solve any doubt or problem with your order.

  • Sustainability: we are pioneers in the commitment to ecological products. After years of enriching it, we offer one of the largest catalogues of ECO tableware and packaging.

Single-use products for the hotel and catering industry

Monouso is your online shop for hotel, restaurant, catering and event products. Our aim is to offer you the best quality and offers in single-use disposable products for the catering industry, such as plates, cups, trays, bowls, reusable tableware and containers for delivery and take away.

You will find everything you need (and always at the best prices) in our catalogue, with more than 6,000 references in online catering tableware, kitchenware, take away food containers and disposable clothing.

You can place your order for catering tableware online. A wide selection of products, selected by our team of specialists to provide you with the best non-food consumables on the market.

Ecological tableware

If you need to buy tableware for the catering industry online, we have everything you need for your business or party to enjoy the best sustainable tableware on the market. Disposable, environmentally friendly, practical and elegant, it is the best eco-friendly option.

Our tableware is made from 100% plant-based materials. In our shop you will find cardboard cups, biodegradable plates or sheathed cutlery, with models made of bamboo, cardboard, palm leaf, sugar cane... They are disposable, biodegradable, recyclable and even compostable. Choose the models that best suit your needs from a wide range of sustainable products: bamboo, cardboard, palm leaf, sugar cane...

You can also complete your onlie disposable tableware with trays, bowls, cups, tablecloths, napkins or jugs. In short, a whole universe of options at your fingertips for quick service and easy cleaning. Recyclable and even compostable, Monouso's ecological tableware is the ideal alternative for professionals in the HORECA channel.

Food packaging

Monouso is a leading company in the sale of wholesale food packaging, both for delivery and take away establishments, as well as for restaurants and catering establishments in general. Our take away packaging is specially designed to serve and protect your food during transport home, safely and comfortably. You can buy packaging online for all types of food: packaging for hamburgers, pizzas, sandwiches or pieces of fried chicken, kebab, tacos, sushi...

Paper bags

Paper bags are one of Monouso's most popular products. We have served hundreds of businesses that have chosen us because of our quality seal, our wide range of cheap paper bags (kraft bags, personalised paper bags...) and our sustainable options made from 100% natural raw materials. We want you to consider us as one of the main points of confidence to buy paper bags, and, therefore, we put at your disposal our customer service team to find a solution to your needs. Shall we talk?
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