Book Boxes

Are you a passionate reader but your bookshelves are already too small for the number of books you have? Do you own a bookshop and want to store your books in the best possible way to guarantee their protection? Book boxes are just what you are looking for, they will guarantee the protection of your most precious goods and at the same time allow you to store them without any problems.

  • Resistant design that allows them to be stacked and prevents them from becoming damaged over time.
  • Forget about dampness
  • Available in different sizes for different needs
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Cardboard boxes for books, a must for every home

Books are an infinite source of knowledge, they give you the possibility to get to know the world, to learn about complex subjects or incredible stories, and all from your own home. And it is precisely because you can do it at home that you need to have good storage space, because knowledge doesn't take up space in your mind, but it does on your shelves. That's why we bring you the best selection of cardboard book boxes, so that storing your precious texts is no longer a problem.

At Monouso we offer a wide variety of options that are sure to suit your needs and allow you to protect your works in any situation. We have book boxes in different sizes and capacities, all made from single-flute, high-strength cardboard, so they will withstand transportation and stacking on shelves perfectly.

Moisture and books are not a good combination, there is nothing worse than having stains in the middle of the pages of your favourite stories. Storing books in cardboard boxes will help to prevent this from happening, as this material is resistant to humidity, so the contents will not be compromised at any time. In addition, dust will not penetrate inside, so your books will stay clean.

Recommendations for the best use of our book boxes

Take advantage of the fact that our cardboard boxes for storing books are foldable to make the most of the space you have available when you don't need to use them. Assembly and disassembly is very simple, the cardboard is pre-marked to facilitate assembly, you only have to place it and if you want extra strength, place adhesive tape on the bottom of the structure.

It is important to take into account the number of books that will be placed inside the box, and not to exceed the maximum recommended weight. Following this advice will ensure that the boxes keep their shape at all times and that their contents are not at risk of falling to the floor and being damaged.

If you are passionate about good organisation and order, we recommend that you label the boxes so that you know what the contents are. You can use different cardboard boxes to store books by subject, author or genre, you will only have to identify them and in the future you will be able to access the reading you want at a glance.

Don't wait any longer and buy cardboard boxes to store books, take your organisation to the next level and keep your books in perfect condition. We are waiting for you!

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