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Have you come to our category looking for a practical and ecological way to transport your sweets? If you're someone who enjoys baking delicious cakes and pastries and takes care of every detail, you'll be delighted to know that at Monouso we have the best cardboard boxes for cakes on the market.

Our boxes are strong, practical and, best of all, environmentally friendly! Take a look at our catalogue of cake boxes and cake boxes, we have prepared a careful selection with everything you need so that buying cake boxes is just a matter of choosing, putting in the oven and waiting. Choose yours!

  • Made from sustainable materials
  • Simple and elegant designs
  • With secure latches for transport
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Cake boxes: the must-have accessory

Are you passionate about baking and always looking for a way to present your delicious cakes and pastries in the most elegant and practical way possible? Then don't miss our category of cardboard cake boxes, where we will tell you everything you need to know about this quick and convenient transport solution.

Cake boxes are the most convenient way to serve and transport cakes, sweets and pastries in an ideal presentation that will surprise customers and guests. Discover how our biodegradable cardboard boxes allow you to take care of the planet while protecting your creations and presenting them in an elegant and safe way. Read on to find out what our cardboard cake boxes can do for you!

Cake boxes

We know that choosing a cake box is often a matter of urgency: the same urgency your customers will have when they remember they need a cake now. That's why here you will find different models for different needs:

  • Different sizes
  • Different shapes
  • Designs for every occasion
  • Cake box accessories

In our catalogue you will find more than 100 different cake boxes to choose from, because let's be clear: after hours and hours of baking, you are not going to use just any box. Are we wrong? For all these reasons, we've worked hard to present you with a worthy selection of cake boxpackaging to stock up on. Some of the most popular formats of our cake boxes are:

  • Tall cake boxes
  • Cardboard cake boxes
  • Mini cake boxes
  • Decorated cake boxes
  • Cake cake boxes

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Cheap cake boxes

Another thing that is clear to us is that the baker's life is hard enough without offering the most competitive prices. That's why here you will find cheap cake boxes that are competitive in quality. Because we don't just want you to be our customer, we want you to stay with us for a long time.

Also, bear in mind that in order to offer you a cheap cake box, we have spent more than 10 years studying the sector and working with dozens of different suppliers. As a result, we have selected only the most competent and the most competitive packaging (no more filling our catalogue for the sake of filling).

Boxes for individual cakes

It is clear that the large format is still the leader in the sector, but there is an increasing demand for individual cake boxes. By opting for this product, confectioners can offer a service that reaches individual customers or small families.

At Monouso, you will find a large number of boxes for individual desserts, not only compatible with cakes, but also with all types of cakes, muffins or pastry portions.

You will also find different designs of individual pastry boxes, from the classic white that matches any type of cake, to prints that reinforce the colour of the dessert.

Pastry boxes

In order to offer a comfortable and impeccable service, the design of our cake boxes is in harmony with the inside: if the cake is round, you can present it in our round cake boxes; if the cake is square, you can present it in our square cake boxes; if you are looking for a muffin tin, you can find cupcake muffin boxes; however, if you are looking for a disposable cardboard container for biscuits and chocolates, our cake boxes are perfect for you.

Our cardboard boxes for cakes and pastries are quick and easy to assemble. To reinforce your security, we have cardboard strips to save cakes. Cake boxes are excellent for bakeries, catering businesses and private individuals.

Candy boxes

Gone are the days when the definition of cake was limited to 4 types of cake that all bakeries repeated. Nowadays, the types of cakes depend on the imagination of the baker... and lately we are seeing a lot of it. That is why it is essential that we can offer a huge assortment of cake boxes. This not only allows you to have a variety to choose from, but also increases the likelihood that the type of cake will suit your box.

Some examples of typical cake boxes and derivatives are:

  • Cake boxes
  • Cardboard boxes for chocolates
  • Cardboard boxes for pies

Do you need another type of food box? We recommend you to visit our disposable food packaging section to find similar products.

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