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Chinet Plates

Chinet Pulp Plates, also known as Cardboard Fiber Plates, are a range of Biodegradable Plates of high quality and resistance. These Moulded Fibre Plates are characterised by their recycled origin and rigidity, made from the remains of cellulose pulp. This type of Ecological Dishes are ideal to celebrate events outdoors. A series of Ecological Disposable Products that will be essential if you are looking for savings and comfort, without neglecting the care of the environment.

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At Monouso you will find a wide range of Fibreboard Plates in different sizes and colours for your parties; from the smallest Chinet Pulp Plates, 17 cm in diameter, especially designed for appetizers and desserts, to the largest Biodegradable Fibreboard Plates, 27 cm in diameter, for second services.

Chinet Disposable Plates by MonoUso are all you need, because of their many advantages. On the one hand, they are 100% ecological plates, because they are manufactured with recycled materials and, in addition, they are biodegradable tableware. On the other hand, despite being Disposable Cardboard Plates, they admit liquids without softening or breaking since the chinet is a very special material; this way, you can serve food with sauces and broths with total peace of mind. And finally, these Organic Cardboard Fiber Plates are extremely resistant, so they can handle heavy foods such as meat or pasta without any problem, and are suitable for heating in the microwave!

Win in comfort and save in time and money with these Disposable Plates, but always without skimping on quality and without leaving aside the commitment to the environment.

If you want to complete your Ecological Disposable Dishes, we invite you to take a walk through our website, where you will find Biodegradable Trays, Biodegradable Cups, Biodegradable PLA Cutlery and much more.

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