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Disinfectant and Sanitising Gel (700 Units)

Ref 15001-50-14
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Disinfectant / Hygienic Gel
  • Disinfectant / Hygienic Gel
  • Disinfectant and Sanitising Gel (700 Units)
700 Units €56.42 -20% €45.10 0,064€/Ud
€56.42 -20%
45,10 (tax incl.) 0,064€/Ud
Price per box of 700 units

Ref 15001-50-14

  • Gel
  • Rectangular
  • 700

Disinfectant and sanitising gel.

  • No need to rinse afterwards.
  • Quick method of personal hygiene.
  • Suitable for children.
  • Customisable from 7000 units. 10 boxes of 700 units.

The price is for a Box of 700 Units. 14 Packs of 50 Units.

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Total protection and hygiene with hydroalcoholic gel

Total protection and hygiene with hydroalcoholic gel

Have you ever wondered how to keep your hands and those of your clients free of germs quickly and effectively? Hydroalcoholic sanitary gel is your solution. A vital part of your hygiene routine, this product works with surprising speed, leaving your hands clean and safe. It's more than just a gel; it's a simple and practical way against harmful bacteria and viruses, easy to use and always ready to protect you and your loved ones.

Think about it: what better way to combine hygiene and practicality than with an antibacterial and disinfectant hydroalcohol-based gel? This potent, yet skin-friendly blend gives you deep cleansing without the need for water. It evaporates in seconds, isn't that amazing? And best of all, it keeps your hands soft and moisturised, thanks to its balanced formula that cares for your skin.

Now, imagine having all this in your hands. The outstanding features of the hydroalcoholic sanitary gel are:

  • Fast disinfectant action: eliminates 99.9% of germs and bacteria in seconds.
  • Easy to use and transport: its practical format is fully adapted to your needs.
  • Skin-friendly: formulated to be gentle, prevents irritation and keeps skin moisturised.

Data sheet

Colour Blue
Material Gel
Product type Gel
Total capacity 250 ml
Shape Rectangular
Height 3,7 cm
Width 9 cm
Disposable SI
Family Monouso
Intrastat 39262000
Length 12, 5
Type Químicos
Packs per Box 14
Price for 700
Units per Pack 50
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