Disposable Shoe Covers

Disposable shoe covers are the best protection for our shoes and feet in professional environments such as the food, healthcare and surgical industries.

Our disposable shoe covers, boot covers and boot covers are made of polyethylene or polypropylene and have an elastic upper that guarantees a secure fit to the foot. This material is hygienic, resistant, practical and waterproof and is available in various colours and shapes.

  • One size fits all
  • Protection for all types of footwear
  • Resistant and waterproof
  • Upper elastic for a firm step
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What are disposable shoe covers used for?

At Monouso we offer a wide variety of disposable shoe covers. From models made of polyethylene or chlorinated polyethylene, to shoe covers made of polypropylene, anti-drop polypropylene and disposable boot covers. A wide range of products that will make your work hygienic, clean and safe.

These plastic shoe covers are designed for use in food industry companies such as meat and dairy factories, for sanitary use in hospitals, health centres and nursing homes, and in catering establishments such as canteens, professional kitchens or catering services.

Also in the real estate industry, for visiting houses and flats with maximum hygiene.

The disposable shoe covers protect us from all the bacteria that we find after our steps in any place, avoiding unnecessary stains.

In many places, hygiene must be taken into account in order not to catch or get infections. We must not neglect our feet, as we have more germs in our shoes than in our hands. To avoid this problem, the best thing to do is to protect them, using disposable shoe covers.

Advantages of using disposable shoe covers

  • They prevent stains and spillage of substances from everyday work by protecting the footwear.
  • They prevent the transmission of germs from our footwear in order to achieve the maximum possible hygiene.
  • Less dirt that accumulates on the floor, reducing the cleaning effort.

How should we use disposable shoe covers?

  • The first thing to do is to divide up the area to reduce the risk.
  • Once we know the areas of greatest and least risk, we put on the disposable shoe covers and replace them when we change areas.
  • Where greater cleanliness is needed, it is best to install automatic dispensers to keep disposable shoe covers close at hand.

If you need help to find out which type of shoe cover is right for your shop, contact us and our experts will help you free of charge and without obligation.

At Monouso we offer a wide variety of disposable shoe covers: we have a wide range of disposable shoe covers available for you.

You can choose from different sizes, colours and styles.

There are so many ways to personalise your shoe cover, you'll wonder why you didn't choose to use the benefits of using a protective shoe cover in the first place.

Disposable Shoe Covers Features

Basic disposable shoe covers are available in vede and white and will protect your existing footwear, whilst reaping the benefits of having no static or dirt transferred with you from the sterile environment to or from the outside.

These stylish shoe covers are typically about 2 millimetres thick. In addition, disposable shoe covers are one size fits all and come with an elastic top to keep them securely around the shoe. Basic shoe covers protect against spills, splashes, dust and grease.

The strongest style of protective shoe covers is polypropylene. They are usually 4 millimetres thick, which gives twice the protection of basic protective shoe covers, and are good for use with all types of footwear, or without.

These shoe covers also extend up the calf for total safety. The PE material is breathable so feet don't sweat. Heavy duty disposable shoe covers protect from dust, spills, splashes, grease and some light chemicals.

Disposable shoe covers, where to buy?

Get your cheap waterproof shoe covers online now. Plastic shoe covers are your best option. Discover all the features and prices on our website.

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