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Isothermal FOAM trays are mainly characterized by their ability to maintain the temperature of the food, with the clear objective of preserving their properties so that your guests can enjoy the dishes as if they were just served. These Disposable Plastic Trays are known as Porex Trays and are widely used as Catering Trays. Available in different sizes and colours, all our Plastic FOAM Trays offer the possibility of attaching a lid to extend the temperature of the dish for longer, as well as offering you the possibility of clean and safe transport. 

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If you need a Plastic Tray to help maintain the temperature of the dish as it was just served, the Isothermal FOAM Trays are your solution.

Widely used as Catering Trays, this Disposable Product allows you to maintain the original state of the food, keeping its original temperature. If, in addition, you attach the lid to these FOAM Trays, you will extend the temperature of the contents for longer, as well as protect them from the outside when transporting or displaying the dish.

Large Plastic Trays, Small Plastic Trays, Black Plastic Trays, White Plastic Trays and Honey-colored Plastic Trays, make up a wide range of Disposable Foam Trays with which you can enjoy the most beautiful and elegant Table Decoration.

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