We offer a wide range of disposable items for your salon. Take care of your clients from staining and bleaching with cutting coats. We have a large catalogue of disposable hairdressing supplies including latex, vinyl or nitrile gloves, highlighting caps and kimonos to cover clients' clothes. Say goodbye to constant washing of towels with single-use and recyclable formats. With all these products, you'll have what you need to provide fast, quality service.

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Hair Dye Capes

Disposable Towels

Disposable Gloves

Reusable Hard Plastic Bowls

Disposable Kimono

Hand sanitizers

Disposable Surgical Mask

Center Pull Paper Roll

At Monouso you can find all the disposable products for hairdressing salons that you need to offer a complete, hygienic and safe service. Also for other types of business such as:

  • Beauty salons
  • Nail salons (or nail centres)
  • Barber shops
  • Makeover sessions

If you are looking for disposable solutions to protect your clients, in this section we have gathered the most practical and functional items for your day to day life. Avoid dye and bleach stains with cutting capes. We have them in various colours so you can give personality to your business: pink, blue, white? Choose the one you like the most among the most fashionable tones!

But that's not all. Our selection for your hairdressing salon includes kimonos, dye caps, gloves, masks and more. Everything you need for your daily work!

How many towels do you use every day? At least one for each client, if not several. This means a lot of washing and drying time, as well as constant attention to their condition so that they need to be renewed. With our Airlaid towels you get a new one for each client, and when you finish, you can recycle them comfortably. Forget about reusing towels with stains that won't go away and that get damaged over time. This way you will never have a problem calculating the number of towels you need.

Monouso, suppliers of single-use supplies for hairdressing salons

In our shop we have all the disposable items you need so that your barbershop or hairdresser doesn't have to worry about laundry or the deterioration of capes, hats and other items. They are 100% recyclable so, after use, you can deposit them in the corresponding container for recycling.

Take advantage of all the benefits of buying your hairdressing products at Monouso:

  • 24 hour delivery
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Quality guarantee: we work with traditional manufacturers.
  • Permanentstock
  • Quantity discounts
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