Cardboard Trays for Fried Food

Paper food trays are so versatile that you can use them for the presentation of any kind of product: fish and chips, takoyakis or a big mountain of nachos with guacamole. Perfect for take away, food trucks, terraces or beach bars.

Buying biodegradable trays allows you to offer a container with which your customers can taste your products without worrying about getting their hands dirty, as the sauces and fats do not get through the grease-proof treatment of these trays.

  • Ideal for take away and food trucks
  • Special for serving snacks or street food
  • Grease and oil resistant
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Cardboard trays: the perfect complement

To all lovers of fast food and take away service businesses, listen up! Introducing the practical cardboard trays, the perfect complement to any food business!

This type of cardboard packaging is an ideal solution for all fast food businesses or those offering take away service, as they are the perfect choice for serving everything from starters to desserts in a practical, quick and easy way. And it doesn't stop there, these paper food trays also have a multitude of uses that will surely surprise you. So let's explore all that cardboard trays have to offer!

Paper trays for fast food

These handy cardboard food trays are a must-have for any business that offers fast food or take away service. With them, you can serve your customers conveniently and quickly, without compromising on the quality of the food.

The shape of the trays is perfect for different types of food and they fit most portion sizes perfectly. Our food trays have a unique and practical shape that makes them ideal for serving any type of food, from starters to desserts. They are carefully designed with a rectangular base and side flaps that are slightly raised to prevent food from spilling or spilling, allowing for an attractive presentation and easy access to the contents.

Sustainable and versatile trays

Cardboard trays will offer both you and your consumers multiple advantages. Do you want to know them all?

Firstly, they are an economical and environmentally friendly option compared to other plastic packaging. They are also very light, which makes them ideal for transporting food. Their sturdy material ensures that food stays in perfect condition for longer and they can be easily stacked for efficient storage.

But wait, there's more! These kraft cardboard trays are so versatile that they can be used in a variety of situations. Do you have a special event or celebration? Biodegradable food trays are ideal for serving any type of food easily and conveniently. Need an efficient and organised storage option? Cardboard trays are perfect for storage and transport of prepared food and catering.

Why choose paper trays for fast food?

Do you want to offer your customers an exceptional and convenient dining experience? Take the opportunity to use paper food trays in your business! At Monouso you will find a wide variety of sizes and designs to suit your needs. Don't hesitate any longer and join the cardboard trays revolution!

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